Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging Can Help Make You Famous

By Faye Bautista

If you have the knack for writing and that people love what you write but you cannot find a publisher that would publish what you write, try the internet. You must consider the fact that you can be famous through writing. If you are really good enough, then you must try blogging. Ever since this craze began, a lot of people have opened their own blog websites and some of them became famous.

First you are going to post what you have written on blogging websites, this can be accessed easily by many people. The internet, with its millions of people that are surfing the web each day, there are many chances that somebody will be coming across your blogs.

For those who are looking for fame and want to be known as a great writer, posting what you write on the blogging websites is the cheapest way to do so. It is also one of the easy ways in becoming famous in the internet. To start writing your blogs, you first need to create a blogging website. There are quite a lot of websites that hosts blogs for free. Sign up with one of these sites and begin posting.

Blogs are also known as journals. Think of it as writing the day to day activities and experiences of your life and letting other people know about it. You can absolutely write about any topic in blogs. It can either be facts or fictional short stories. You can do a mix of both.

What is great about blogging is you absolutely have complete freedom in whatever you want to write. However, you have to avoid offending someone. Racial discrimination and other hate messages are prohibited as well as having pornographic content.

Now that you have posted your very first blog, next thing you should do is sit back and wait for the readers to come across your blog and begin reading it. You need not advertise as the people who read it would be the ones that will advertise for you. If you are really good, then they are going to leave a comment on what they think about your blogs and they will even recommend it to their family and friends as a good read.

The secret to becoming famous and successful in blogs is the content. It must be interesting and easy to read. Try catching their attention on the very first sentence. Once you catch it, they will become interested enough to read the entire blog. This is the secret to becoming famous in blogging and gain a lot of loyal readers.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Benefits Of Blogging For More Website Traffic

By Mike McCoy

If your website gets less traffic than you may want, you should consider adding a blog to your marketing plan. Today's internet users want to feel engaged in community and conversation, and blogging is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your customers and prospective customers to feel as though they have a personal connection to you and your business. The more you blog, the more of a relationship your customers feel they have with you, which can, in turn, lead to more sales and more referrals.

Simply put, if you're not blogging, you are missing out on tons of potential traffic.

Blogs are very search engine friendly, and search engines tend to index blog posts very quickly, so it's a great way to ensure that your information gets "crawled", or seen by the big search engines. Blog posts can be made up of text, photos, videos, articles, press releases, and much more. You likely have lots of material you can use as is, or re-purpose into blog posts.

It's also a good idea to keep your blog separate from your website, for the simple fact that a blog with your name on it creates another URL with more links to your original site, which will help increase your internet presence.

Some keys to keep in mind for blog posts:

1) Keep things simple.
People tend to read many blogs on a daily basis, so short bursts of information have a better response. If you have a lot of information to disperse on a given topic, break your content up into a series of related blog posts.

2) Respond to comments.
If your readers take the time to comment on a post or ask a question, do your best to answer them right away. This helps them to feel that you really care about them as a customer, and don't just see them as a potential dollar sign. It also helps people view you as down to earth and not so caught up in the workings of running your business that you take time to do the small things. This kind of attitude goes a long way toward building a valued customer.

3) Give your blog readers an incentive to come back.
Run a contest or hold a giveaway. Maybe offer a certain amount of commenters a sneak peek at your newest product. Readers love coming back to informative blogs, but the prospect of winning a prize can also drive even more visitors to your blog.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Online Blogging Pays You Dollars

By Xshubhnisha

Do you have a Blog or Personal Online Journal? If the answer is yes, did you know that it’s possible to earn money from your Blog? I earn plenty from my own Blogspots – maybe not enough to think of retiring in the near future, but enough to allow me some extra luxuries in life and who knows how much I’ll be earning in a few years or even just a few months!

I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself. Best of all, I only spend a couple of hours each week writing on my blogspots – I spend several more hours researching information because I also love to learn and believe that no matter how much I think I know about a subject, there’s always new stuff to learn – I’m a bit of an information junkie!

If you already know plenty about a particular subject then it won’t take long at all to write a few paragraphs about it and have your blog up and running. Obviously, writing about what you love helps because, in the beginning, the money you earn is a bonus rather than an income that will allow you to give up your day job.

Search engines visit blogs so your site will probably get listed quickly – Google actually own, so if you want traffic this is a good site to start your blog on. It’s a good idea to also insert Google Adsense and even a Google Search box because you’ll also earn money when any of your visitors decide to click an ad or do a search – more bonus cash for little effort. Blogger also has a tool that you can use to notify all the search engines when you update your site.

Another way to make cash from your blog is to add a few affiliate links – find products that fit in with the theme of your blog, sign up as an affiliate, put a link on your blog and hopefully watch some more bonus cash roll in – again, it’s simple but effective! If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing then let me tell you right now that this is an extremely good earner. I usually get my affiliate at and So pay them a visit and get some links to get started.

Another way to get traffic to your blog is to ask visitors to sign up to your own newsletter and then send them a link each time you make a new post. Once a week is plenty, otherwise they may get fed up with you bombarding their inbox.

That’s about all there is to it – it’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to earn you a fairly decent income. If you have the time to spare then don’t stop at one blog because the more sites you have the more visitors you’ll get and the more money you’ll earn.

There are many people earning a very good living writing their blogs. The biggest tips are to find niche areas that not many others are promoting, get some affiliate links and some good quality content information. Remember to add Google Adsense and possibly a Google search box to your site and then just check your visitors and earnings each day.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Blog

By Jinger Jarrett

Marketing your blog is really no different from marketing a traditional website. With a blog though, especially if you are building all of your websites using blog software, your site tends to rank higher in the search engines.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. To help you get traffic easily, here are five ways to get started:

1. Submit your sitemap to the major search engines.

If you are linked to other sites, the major search engines will eventually find you and index your blog. Do you want to wait months for this to happen though? Go ahead and submit your sitemap so the search engines start indexing your site.

2. Ping your blog.

When you ping your blog, you are notifying the blog services that your blog has been updated. This can also help you to get your blog indexed by the search engines, as well as added to the major blog directories.

3. Use trackbacks to get your blog noticed.

A trackback is where you notify other blogs that you are talking about them. This is an easy way to start a "conversation", and if you write enough about the blogs in your industry, it will get you noticed.

Don't use this technique for the sake of getting noticed. Trackbacks actually kill two birds with one stone. First, it allows you to share valuable information from another blog with your readers. Second, it allows you to voice your opinion on a particular topic.

4. Comment on other blogs.

Some blogs have what is called the "no follow" tag. This means that even if you post your comment to the blog, the search engines won't give you credit for having a backlink on that site.

This doesn't mean that this is not an effective way to promote your blog. No disrespect to the search engines is intended. The truth is, search engines don't buy anything. People do.

Commenting on other blogs in your topic is an easy way to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic. Even if the site does use the "no follow" tag, if the blog you are commenting on is important to your topic, comment anyway.

Write good comments. Share your opinion. Demonstrate you have read the post. It will give you chance to get more traffic.

5. Build backlinks to your blog.

Backlinks are still an effective way to raise your rankings in the search engines. Find the right software or service to help you build backlinks to your website and raise your rankings.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Business And Blogging - Building Your Credibility With Your Business Blog

By Connie Ragen Green

Blogs have replaced websites as the best way to have visibility on the internet. I think of my blog as my home online. People find me by using my keywords when they are searching for information on my topic, or else they find my blog because I have commented on another blog, written something in a forum or in a social networking site, or given out my business card when I was speaking to a group.

The most important thing is that they now have a place on the internet to find out more about who I am and what I can do for them. I set up my blog in an organized way from the very beginning so that it would be easy for readers to quickly get what they need.

Having an opt-in box at the top of the blog is important in order to build your list. I ask for the person's first name and email address, and offer a free teleseminar in exchange for this information. This gives them the opportunity to hear me on a call and ask any questions they may have, and allows me to begin sending them regular email messages with tips, ideas, free reports, and information about upcoming courses I will be offering. This makes it a win-win situation for both of us. If they decide they are no longer interested, they can simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Categories are another feature on your blog that will help readers to find the information they are looking for. When I started my blog I created about 10 categories. These are the topics that I discuss in my blog posts. This number has now expanded to 32 categories, but it makes it very simple for someone to click on a particular category and see all of the posts I have made on that specific topic. You will want to think about your categories from the very beginning of creating your blog so that you can also benefit from the search engine optimization that goes along with having your keyword phrases listed on the first page of your blog.

It is also important to have a way for people to share your post with others through social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. You can set this up on your blog so that your readers can help you to be known on an even wider basis throughout the blogosphere.

Blogging is the very best way to get your message out to the world. You share your knowledge and expertise with your readers and promote your products and upcoming events in a conversational way. I encourage you to begin blogging in a serious way to build your online business.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business Blogging - Setting Up Your Blog To Maximize Your Results Online

By Connie Ragen Green

Organizing your blog and your blog posts will make a difference in how well you are perceived on the internet. By simply taking the time to plan, you can have a blog that represents you well and provides valuable and interesting content to your readers. Business blogging is serious business, so see it as an opportunity to present yourself and your topic in the best possible way. Here are some things to think about, whether you have been blogging for several years or are new to the blogosphere.

Think about the overall design of your blog when you are choosing the colors, graphics, and layout. Will it appeal to your target audience. People make decisions subconsciously when they arrive at your blog.

Categories - Choose the categories that you will write about very carefully. These words and phrases are keywords that will help your readers to find your blog when they are searching on the internet. Having the right categories will also make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for when they visit your site. They can simply click on the category name and read all of the posts you have made under that category.

Sidebar column - You will want to have two columns on your blog. The left column will contain all of your blog posts and the right column will be your sidebar. This is where you can add links to other sites, your categories will be listed, and your opt-in box will be in the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar. This configuration is best for search engine optimization and will make it easier to build your list by collecting the names and email addresses of your visitors.

Opt-in box - Be sure to offer a free report, eBook, or audio file in exchange for the person's contact information. This can be just a few pages long if it is in writing, or thirty minutes or less if it is an audio recording. This will also give you an additional opportunity to tell your new prospect more about yourself and what you do.

Picture - Include a picture of yourself so that people can begin to connect with you immediately when they reach your blog. A headshot, or one from the waist up is best so that people can see what you look like.

Title - Choose a title for your blog that tells people exactly what your blog is about. You will also want to have a tag line that includes your name, as well as a benefit your blog will provide to your readers.

Domain name - This name can be the same as your title, but it does not have to be. Choose a domain name that contains at least one of your keywords, is not too long, easy to spell, and easy to remember. This is not as easy as it sounds because so many domain names have already been taken. Your first choice should also be a dot com domain name, because people are so used to using that extension.

Social media - Becoming active in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites will make it much easier for you to attract readers to your blog. Spend your time on these sites wisely or will find that they take up a disproportionate number of hours each day.

Posting schedule - Make a schedule to post to your blog, and then stick with it. You may want to have one day to do book reviews and another to answer your readers questions. Post as often as you possibly can to make your blog content rich.

Using these ideas as a guide will help you to establish yourself online as a blogger of influence. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of building your online business through blogging.

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Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit to find out more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Google AdSense Revenue

By Shail Chauhan

Despite what you may hear, the Google AdSense program is not for everyone. There are some types of web sites that do poorly no matter how hard the owners try, and there are others that should be doing well but the webmaster simply isn't putting in the effort to make things happen.

Here are some tips to make AdSense work better for you. If you do them all and you are still not having any luck, then you just might be running one of those sites that don't make money.

1. Determine if your visitors are in the mood

Like I mentioned at the top of this article, some web sites just don’t work with pay-per-click programs. The best performing sites fall into one of these categories:

- Sites where users go and expect to buy something while they are there. E-commerce sites fit the bill here.

- Sites where users go to find specific information on something that they want to buy now. Music and video review sites, vacation information sites, resume building sites, etc. You don't have to actually be selling these types of things; your site can just be a mecca for information pertaining to these things. Then, when the visitor comes to read your content, they are more likely to click on your ads.

- Sites where people who have disposable income and a credit card like to visit. This includes sites with money management, investing and lifestyle content.

- Sites that draw a large amount of new users every day. Free coupon sites and How to sites are good examples.

- Sites where people go and expect to read ads. Classified ads and shopping comparison sites fit into this category.

2. Make sure that your visitors don't feel that you just want to grab their money

Give them plenty of relevant and well-written content. If writing isn't your best skill then hire someone to do it for you. Good content brings steady traffic and steady traffic pays the bills.

3. Play by the rules

Google has some very specific Terms of Service for participating in their AdSense program. Learn those rules and follow them so you don't lose all of your investment by getting shut out.

4. Use the tools that Google gives you

Google gives you tools for determining the best keywords for your site, measuring ad performance, and setting up different ad channels for fine-tuning ad results. These guys and girls are the 800 lb. Gorillas in the Pay-Per-Click market. They didn't build these tools just to keep their programmers busy. Take advantage of their knowledge for they are very big and you are not!

5. Tweak, fine-tune and then tweak again

You should never be happy with your AdSense performance. If it's good, then you need to make it great. If it's great then you need to make it amazing. If it's amazing then you need to take it to the UPS club.

The UPS club? Google sends all checks over $10,000 per month to the webmaster via UPS overnight delivery. Now there is a club that I wouldn't mind belonging to.

6. Get more traffic

No matter how much traffic you have, you need more. More eyeballs translate to more clicks. Even if you are only pulling a 2% click-through. That's a lot of clicks when you have thousands of visitors each day.

7. Experiment with new keywords

New keywords can bring new ads and new eyeballs along with it. Set up some new pages on your site and experiment with different content. Once you get something that's working then refer back to Tip #5.

You can see results in near real time when you use Google's AdWords. Don't be afraid to be different. If something that everyone else is doing doesn't work for you, then invent something that does work and get it on your site.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Technological Revolution - Podcasting for Beginners

By Ravii Kumar

Podcasting is the latest technological revolution that happened in the World Wide Web. It is the latest innovation in broadcasting and a new medium in publishing shows. Podcasting show is termed as podcast. If you are familiar with blog, then you may want to think podcast as audio blog where you express your thoughts or ideas by talking instead of writing. In other words, podcast is just like a home-made radio program. And since it can be created at home, it only means that anybody can do podcasting.

Podcasting uses the very same concept that is used in blogging. They both use a tool called RSS feed in uploading contents. It is also designed in such a way that people with Internet connection can subscribe to your show. Through RSS feeds, subscribers will receive an automatic notification every time you release new episodes on your show. But the best thing about podcasting is, it can be downloaded and listened not only in computers but also in any portable MP3 players. And because podcast shows can be transferred in any portable media player, it gives more convenience to people as they do not need to be confined in a single place just to listen for their subscribed show.

There are three general requirements to start podcasting: show format, equipment and software. Show format is the style and contents of your podcast show. You need to identify what topics you wanted to talk about, whom do you want to address your show, what is the duration of your show and what would be the title of your show. You need to create a plan or a script just like in a real radio or TV programs. Also consider if you want to create a daily, every other day, weekly or bi-monthly shows and if you will have somebody or other people to host your show.

To record your own podcast show, you need to have equipment and podcasting software. Equipment in podcasting is very basic: computer with Internet access, a good microphone and speakers. The podcasting software that you need in creating podcast shows is the MP3 encoder, audio recording/editing software and a program that will create and maintain your podcast RSS feeds. You will also need a website where you will upload and publish your recorded show so that people can download and listen to them.

All software that you need in recording podcast can be downloaded in the Internet for free. For free audio recording/editing software, you may want to try Audacity. ListGarden RSS Feed Generator is a free program that you can use in creating and maintaining RSS feeds to your show. There are also numerous podcasting websites like Our Media wherein you can upload and publish your podcast for free. And if you want easier and all in one podcasting services that provide both podcasting software and web space to record and upload your podcasts, you can try Wild Voice.

If you want to incorporate music or if you require some piece of music to your show, there is also some music companies like Magnatune that offer their music for free for podcasting purposes. These are the quickest and cheapest way to create and publish your own podcast show. But there are still many valuable stuff that you can find about podcasting when you started doing it.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

How To Optimize Your Videos For Search

By Wazir Singh

Online video and video search is HOT! You have surely seen the entire buzz on the internet about sites like youtube, blinkx, etc... With this, bloggers have been writing posts about how to shoot video, how to upload videos to these sites, etc... However, few have provided information on how to get these videos seen and discovered. Here enters Video SEO.

To ensure that your video gets seen and discovered on these search engines, it is important to first learn some of the technical aspects that are important to online video as well as search.

There is misconception that, keyword research for video content is same as standard organic search or other search verticals. This is not true and moreover, till now there aren't keyword research tools to determine and measure video search results.

Before you begin with your actual video search optimization, put together your keyword list. The list can be based on standard search results; however, they should be supplemented with results from news search engine results pages for more appropriate content.

At this early phase of online video revolution, video searches at this point tend to be shorter keywords as opposed to "long tail" searches. More than any other piece of advice makes sure you include the word "video" in your keyword list. Examples - car videos, car video, racing video, automotive videos, etc....

The next step after you have generated a keyword list is to take a good look at the video search platforms to see which channels and categories, tags, etc... tend to get the most views, as well as to look at which platforms have the highest performance in views, ratings, etc...

You will certainly want to submit your video to multiple sites, but you will want to make sure that at the least you submit your video to the more popular engines.

You should also keep a track of the audience already searching for your targeted terms. In case you fail to find the same, find the closest related terms being searched. In video search engine optimization user feedback plays a very vital role.

Make sure that when you add your video to the video search sites that you allow users to comment on your videos. Videos that enable users to comment tend to get much more traffic. In addition, those users that do comment and provide feedback are more often the users that will result in a conversion.

If you can do this, it is always better to pick a video theme that is not saturated in terms of competition out there. As an example, a video about Tom Cruise will likely be very hard to optimize for as there are thousands of results for that search.

Another important factor to know is that typically users do not watch videos that are long and drawn out. Instead, users want quick snacks of video content, usually viewing no more than a few minutes of a video. If you have a video that is many minutes long, consider creating several shorter clips for your video ranging from 1-3 minutes in total length.

You can even put the actual branding inside the video, such as text or domain name or specific URL as a graphic in the video. Of course, getting users back to your website or business is one great result for doing video SEO in the first place.

So if you wish to succeed in search engine optimization's mad frenzy race, video search engine optimization is an incredible new way to get exposure, and you have the opportunity right now to get in the ground floor.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Is StumbleUpon Traffic Worthless?

By Bruce Lipski

This could be a review of StumbleUpon but since I have nothing to compare it to, it isn't. There is simply no website or service that is similar to it. Website owners seem to love it but I think it is quite worthless in terms of meaningful traffic. Here's why:

I have been "Stumbled" twice recently and both times I have come to the same conclusion that StumbleUpon traffic is pretty useless. StumbleUpon is actually a great site that allows you to surf the Internet. It's a lot of fun for the surfer, but for the websites they are surfing I am not sure there is much value.

Once you join up to SumbleUpon a toolbar will be installed on your computer (this is the part I don't like) and you will be asked to check the boxes of categories that interest you. If you check the humor box you will be taken to websites that fall into the humor category and the politics box will get you political websites, etc.

Once you have done that, you are ready to go. Put on your seatbelt and press the "Stumble" button on your new toolbar! You will then immediately be taken randomly to a website that falls into the categories you just chose. Once there you can stick around and peruse the site or push the stumble button again. Another new site will pop up and after that one other and another and another. Now you are truly surfing the net!

Stumbling the web can be very entertaining but I only do it when I am bored or have time to kill. One of my categories is humor, so I go from supposedly funny website to funny website. Some are better than others, of course, but it is a great way to see what is out there in your categories.

The problem is that when I stumble I am in the mood for some fast action. I don't want to be bothered with heavy reading and just want to be amused. I think it is this way with many others as well. When I am in that mood, I am not going to slow down too long to read anything and I am truly just surfing.

This brings me back to the premise of this article that StumbleUpon traffic is useless. I know that I definitely could be classified as "useless" when I stumble and my stats show that others are the same way. The last time I got Stumbled I had an additional 500 people view my site in under 2 hours. On that day I did not make any new sales, adsense income, or RSS subscriptions that were above and beyond the norm. The people were there, but only briefly. My site is a blog with posts and not that many videos or pictures. It takes visual stimulation to keep them there longer I believe and my blog does not have that.

Being Stumbled is great for the stats and very exciting when it happens but kind of a let down afterward. It's kind of like going on a game show and coming home empty handed!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

What Is An Authority Blog?

By Danielle Branch

An authority blog or an authority site is one of the main places people go to for information on a particular niche or topic. If you are looking to dominate your topic, then becoming an authority in your niche is what you want to do. Let's take a look into the inner workings of these types of blogs.

What Makes an Authority Site?

One of the main characteristics of an authority site is it has more content or pages than any other site in that niche. The search engines love content, so if we give them more content to crawl all over, then they will look more favorably on your blog. Lots of content that has good formatting with proper headings and html tags are important for the search engines to crawl successfully over your content.

The real secret behind ranking well and becoming an authority in your niche is backlinks. When search engines see one site linking to another they look at this as a vote for the site. Each "vote" is not weighted equally however, because the more links the first site has going to it, the more that site's vote will count.

How Do You Establish Your Site as an Authority?

One of the easiest ways to begin this is to add more content. The more useful information you can provide to your readers, the more people will naturally link to your posts. If you continuously think of your readers first and search engines second, you will dominate the rankings.

Do some homework and find out what your competitors are talking about. This is a common practice, but the key to doing this well is presenting the information in a new way or perhaps going further in depth. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel, just repackage it or make it better.

Now that you know the topics you need to cover, it's time to create more pages. If you are like most people, then patience is not a strong virtue of yours. You do have other alternatives such as giving the task to someone else or you can hire someone to do it.

How Can My Content Make Me an Authority?

When you write, be mindful of the posts you have already written, and link to helpful posts. This will point your readers further into your site, and the search engines love a site that links to itself. Writing a series of posts on a particular subject will keep your readers engaged and will give you great credibility with the search engines.

When writing your new posts, remember to link out to others in your niche. Not only will they possibly link back to you (giving you that extra vote), but it will also once again point your readers to useful content. It may seem ridiculous to link to your competitors; however the search engines will put more weight on a vote from a page that is related to your page. This is also a great way to build a relationship with your fellow bloggers.

Becoming an authority blog or site takes some time and forethought. With some calculated steps, such as the ones I've outlined, you will one day become an authority site. Remember the cliche is true "Content is King". If you want to be #1, then you have to earn it with top of the line content.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't Buy An Overpriced Blog To Make Money

By Bruce Lipski

Do you want to make money online? Are you thinking of buying a blog to make that money? I want to warn you that I think the evidence is in: don't buy a blog to make money! Late in 2007 after the new Google page ranks came out there was a rash of blogs being put up for sale. I think CashQuests went for the most of the bunch at $15,000.00 followed by OneMansGoal at $8,500.00 and then a handful more at less than that.

Looking at the Alexa charts of three of those sites, you can clearly see where the sales were made and the subsequent drop off in viewers after the sales. Blogs are hard to maintain and no matter how you look at it, they are the personal property of the owner/writer. Every blog has a personality and the readers either like it and stick around or they leave. When a blog sells, that owner is gone and so is everthing he/she brought to the table.

I read certain blogs because I am entertained by the owner of the blog or value what they have to say. If they were to sell, then that person's humor and style would be gone and I would no longer have any interest. For all practical purposes, the blog with the new owner becomes a new blog.

I can only imagine the pain being felt by some new blog owners as they realize what a monumental mistake they have made. They think they are buying a business but in fact they are buying nothing more than some content and readers that are unlikely to stick around.

Making money with a blog is hard anyway, whether you start with readers or not. Yes, maybe the top handful of bloggers can make money doing it, but they work hard at it every day. Don't be fooled by those top bloggers who try to convince you to follow them and they will show you how to become a pro blogger. They know very well the overwhelming odds are that you will fail.

If you must have a blog why not start one yourself? It is free to start your own on Blogger or Wordpress or you can buy a domain and host it for a whole year for under $20.00. You can then plot the course for your blog and establish your own identity rather than trying to step in and fill someone else's shoes. In six month time you will probably have as much content as you would have had with that overpriced blog you considered buying for thousands of dollars. Just roll up your sleeves and start writing!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Writing Articles - How To Write Good Articles For The Web

By Robert D. Thomson

Writing articles on the internet and expressing them to the web audience is gradually over-taking the conventional media. The influence of search engines has also changed the overall style of writing articles which are more optimized for the internet.

Writing articles is also the best tool to promote your blog or website. A majority of traffic that a web page receives depends on how well it's evaluated by search engines and presented in their results for a given search keyword.

Search engines are not humans so it is important that your article is optimized for both web audience and search engines like Google. We have outlined a few important things that one should follow when writing an article which you intend to publish on the internet.

1. Keyword density
It is important that your main keyword or the theme of the article is repeated multiple times, thus helping the search engine to know what exactly the article is about. For example if your article title is about the “Problems faced by the Cyclone victims of Burma". Just think, keeping such a long theme as your keyword is not practical, I would personally shorten it to just "Cyclone victims of Burma". Even further (in this context), the major keywords are clearly "Cyclone" and “Burma". You should try to repeat these two in your article body multiple times. Induce these words in such a manner so that the overall flow of reading the article is not disrupted.

2. Title of your article
Title should be attention grabbing and should include your keyword, for example "Cyclone victims of Burma - Cyclone problems and issues". You were smartly able to inject the word "Cyclone" twice, (which is your main keyword) in the subject line. Selecting a good title is the most important part of your article.

3. Article length
Your articles should always be greater than 300 words. There is no upper limit but usually articles between 500 to 800 words are easy to read by most people.

4. Keep interest of users
Break your article into topics and paragraphs. Add some interesting numbers if you can, bold the important sections and even use bullet points if you can. More than anything, your article should contain useful content and always try to provide correct information as much as possible. Use examples to explain your point wherever applicable.

5. Personal information
Never mention any personal information like phone number or email address in your article as spammers and telemarketers can get hold of it. But if you are somebody like a Travel Agent and want to receive calls then it may make sense to provide your contact details.

6. Even make money
You can run your own blog and put advertisements on the side. If you are not really tech/html savvy then there are several sites which invite users to submit articles on their site by filling simple forms and making money via Adsense.

7. Write articles frequently
By releasing articles frequently you may eventually make a loyal base of readers who will read your articles on a regular basis.

Article Source:

Robert is an associate author for and likes to read and submit travel articles on the web.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blogging for Dollars: Making Your Blog Make You Money

By Peter Francis

Although anyone can make money online through blogging, creating an Internet business from a blog isn't a foolproof business opportunity. It's a home business like any other, and it requires you to put in the effort to make it successful. What's more, it helps to have a few tricks in your back pocket that can help better the chances that your blog will start earning you that extra money.

But all of the tricks in the world won't help you if you go into the blogging business with the wrong expectations. Be sure you are clear on a few things before you start. Once you get these things straight, there is virtually no limit to the income potential that blogging can offer. There are lots of different ways that blogging can earn you money.

First, it's important to realize that blogging is hard work. You have to have the stamina to stick it out past the first month or two. Too often people go into blogging, keyboard blazing, ready to watch the dollars roll in. Then, after a few months, they lose steam. To make blogging successful, you have to be willing to put in the hours to make it work.

Don't expect instant rewards, either. Blogging is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme, and don't believe anyone who tells you it is. The rewards of blogging will come after you've slogged it out in the trenches for a while, potentially many months. But once you do start to see rewards, it will all be worth the time you spent.

You should also realize that blogging involves more than just writing. Sure, blogging does involve, and in fact center on, writing, but you will have to also do a fair bit of social networking in order to make money. If no one knows your blog exists, no one is going to read it. If no one is reading, you won't see any money. With a little knowledge and a lot of guts, you can make social networking work to earn you and your blog a little face time with the world. The key is learning how to do this effectively. Remember, being a professional blogger means being part writer, part salesperson.

Even if you think you can't be "salesy" enough, you can be successful at earning money from a blog. You can either learn some basic sales skills or a partner can take care of the sales while you focus on creating content that will keep 'em coming back for more.

So the short answer is this: Yes, anyone can make money from a blog. Armed with the right attitude, a good measure of determination, and some tips and tricks, you can start seeing the money roll in from your blog. There is a lot of advice out there about how to turn a blog into a successful business opportunity. It can be overwhelming to try to sort through it all. But rest assured that there are resources that can help. Once you've taken the time to do a little research, you will be well equipped to start making money with your blog.

Article Source:

Peter Francis is a business consultant, an author, and the founder of an online opportunity directory. Visit IncomeSrch at to preview opportunities in internet business, affiliate marketing, blogging, writing for cash, eBay, and working at home.

Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Fight Your Insecurities In Blogging

By Guardian Angel

You have been blogging for a year or more, but it seems your lady luck is not friendly to you. Your subscribers are very low no matter how nice your invitation is. Your traffic is far below from what you expected. You have been consuming a lot of time making good posts but no one seem to notice them. After all the social networks, forums and directories you joined in, only few are responding. And worst of all, you have been spending hard-earn money for your blog and the returns are frustrating. But before burying your blog six feet under the ground, here are some thoughts to ponder.

Rest but do not stop

Maybe you just need some rest. Maybe you spend too much time in thinking how to improve your blog, but your mind and body does not function well anymore. Remember, it is not a sin to rest for a while. Do not push yourself to the limit. Try to be away from your PC sometimes, go to a quiet place and relax. Do other things which are not related to blogging. But then, do not stop. When your mind is now at ease, go back and I am pretty sure that you will recover your self-confidence. If computers fail because you overuse it, what could happen to a tired human body and an exhausted mind?

Do not compare

Comparing yourself to a more successful blogger will obviously increase your insecurities. Instead, use him as an inspiration and learn from him. High caliber bloggers need the lower ranks too. If he will not help you, he is not also helping himself. You can always ask help from any blogger, but if he noticed you lack confidence he will assume that his help will not be effective. Readers are after what they can learn from us, and do not care on what we feel. Blogging is a race, but there is not only one winner. Even the last one on the line will be rewarded.

Hide your emotions

Showing your bothered emotions will be your biggest mistake. If your readers and other bloggers noticed that you feel low, they will avoid you unless they are your friends before you start blogging. This is because negative feeling is contagious and will affect others. It is nice to be humble and down-to-earth, but it is totally different from feeling self-pity. Show some pride to yourself and it will manifest in your posts. Readers are intelligent but they cannot see us. If your voice is low, then it will sound low. Bloggers should also be good actors.

Stay focus

Do not get distracted by the noisy crowd. Know what you want and what you can, then just blog it. After all, success in blogging has no time limit. Bloggers come and go and there is a space for all of us. If you will check the history of prominent bloggers, they did not come overnight. Even the highest paid blogger can fall down if he looses his focus. Blogging is an investment, and not an 8-hour work. Do not expect a salary at the end of the day. Maintenance is the second most important factor in blogging, next to planning. If you feel that blogging is for you, then it is for you.

Review yourself

Instead of crying over spilled milk, why not find another cow? Check yourself and the past activities you have done. Be patient in doing this and correct your mistakes if possible. Note that every blogger has his identity. If some things work for someone, it does not mean it will also work for you and vice versa. Internet is powerful and strategies are born everyday. You just need to discover what's best for you. Maybe you are not capable to join the flock, but you may be smart enough to create your own. There is always a Plan B, if it failed then try Plan C. I am sure you will make it before reaching Plan Z.

Insecurity is all about feelings, while blogging is all about thinking but with feelings.

Article Source:

I am Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet and article marketing strategies, and making money on-line techniques, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recapture Your Passion For Blogging

By Court

At first, creating and running your own blog site can be an exhilarating experience, with lots of ups and downs and also many satisfying moments as you encounter small successes. All of this initial excitement, however, will quickly run out and you will be left to face the hardships and difficult task of regaining the successful momentum of an enduring blog. The passion that you once had for blogging may come to a standstill and you will have to decide which direction you will go.

There are several bloggers who come to this situation and wonder how they can possibly get that passion for blogging back again so that they can still increase their income from a successful blog site and maintain a great reputation. There are quite a few ways to reignite that desire to blog, but must be done soon so that you will still have the motivation to deal with your blog site on the Internet. This particular article lists ways that will help you, as a blog owner, to get back the desire to blog.

One small piece of this dilemma is that they do not set higher goals for themselves and their blog sites. After a couple of years, their blog site will become popular and their first primary objectives will have been achieved. In order to keep your desire to blog at a high level, you must also reset some new objectives that are much higher and that will push you to be better and even bigger than ever before.

There are many blog creators who establish certain goals that they work hard at and accomplish, but then they plateau afterwards and quickly lose their interest in blogging. The most effective blog owners keep creating new goals to accomplish and try to push themselves to the highest potential that is possible. Setting new and higher goals is a great way for any blog owner to regain a great passion for Internet blogging.

Another great way to regain your passion for blogging is by implementing new and exciting features to your blog site. These features can include a number of different things such as new designs, graphics, or online activities. If you come up with new ways of regulating your blog and can do so in an entertaining way, then you will sustain a great love for Internet blogging.

In order to keep your blog's excitement up, you should also try to more directly involve your visitors in blog activities. For example, you could hold weekly competitions that encourage more visitor participation and increase the amount of excitement and fun that your blog site provides. These types of activities will not only increase your site's popularity but also help to maintain your own passion and desire for blogging.

Regaining your passion for blogging all depends on your attitude and patience with your blog's success. If you maintain a good and optimistic mindset, then you will definitely succeed.

Article Source:

Court is a well-known provider of internet marketing services and gives people great internet marketing tips.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A 7 Step Plan for Writing a Blog that No One Will Ever Read

By Jerry Work

If you prefer your privacy and really want to make sure that no one ever reads your blog, follow these seven steps closely: your peace of mind could depend on it.

1. Write about lots and lots of different topics. Maybe write about the history of shoe strings one day and how to fly a kite the next. The more boring and mundane the topics, the better.

2. Do no research. The only thing that matters is your opinion. Why would anyone want to read something based in fact and created through intensive research?

3. Never visit or comment on blog posts by other bloggers. You are an island unto yourself. Don't worry about what those other bloggers are doing.

4. Make sure you don't use any traffic-generating keywords in your blog. That's a sure-fire way to accidentally get some search engine rankings. And you know what happens to web pages that have search engine rankings. They get traffic! That's not what we're going for here.

5. Blog once per month or less. The less often you blog, the better. People are much less likely to return to your blog if you very rarely make new blog posts.

6. Never list your blog with blog directories or social bookmarking sites. If people can find your blog, they may actually come read it.

7. Never link to any other blogs or web sites.

Obviously, this article is written in jest. If you want to have a successful blog, one that people actually visit, read, and come back to, then you need to do the opposite of the above steps. In other words:

1. Write about specific subjects that are in your field.

2. Write well-researched, well-reasoned, and well-written blog posts.

3. Participate in blog discussions with other bloggers.

4. Do keyword research to find keywords relevant to your business that generate some traffic.

5. Blog as often as you possibly can. We recommend three times per week.

6. List your blog with blog directories, ping those directories when you update your blog, and use social bookmarking sites to promote the blog.

7. Be generous with your links to other sites and blogs. You want your blog to be a valuable information hub. Don't worry about someone clicking a link and leaving your site. If your blog is good, they will be back.

If you follow the above advice, you will have a blog that is engaging, interesting, and that will generate strong repeat traffic.

A blog that fits that description is one that can be monetized. To monetize your blog, use in-text links to link to products or services for which you are an affiliate. You will probably have much more success with this style of link than a more obvious banner or AdSense-style link.

Not only will you generate more clicks, but it will seem less like you are advertising than simply making recommendations. If your readers trust you, then they might just take your recommendations... and make you some money.

Article Source:

Jerry Work is president of Work Media, LLC, a Nashville-based company that specializes in search engine optimization and pay per click management.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

You Need A Blog: Here's Why!

By Kevin Sinclair

Blogs are more than outlets for personal opinions, they have become popular ways to comment, rant, review and market. Savvy internet marketers now use blogging as a central platform of their business strategies.

Here's the reason.

It's not hard to set up a blog. You just need a computer and a connection to the internet to establish a free blog with a free blog hosting service. Once you have done this, it is all about communication.

Blogs are attractive because they are so flexible. You can choose from a number of different blogging platorms such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal or create a blogging account with a free blogging service such as Blogger or Wordpress. If you decide that you want to host your own blog at some time in the future, you can then transfer it to your own server.

A lot of people are attracted to blogs because they offer a friendly and intimate environment to learn and discuss issues and products. It is this very accessibility of blogs that aid in product promotion. People feel that they are able to get "nuts and bolts" information about products without advertising hype.

You can write what you want in a blog and if people read your opinions and come to respect them you will gain credibility in your niche. When this happens, you may well be approached for comments on important issues and over time you will gain expert status. Your growing reputation can be worth dollars to you because your blog becomes saleable.

As you gain readership, take advantage of their interest to ask them to sign up to your email list so that you can update them on new information, send them special offers or newsletters. You can notify your subscribers every time you post a new blog article and include a link to the article. This reminds people to visit your site and it is easy to just click a link. You can also encourage your readers to comment on new posts.

This is a non threatening way to use your subscriber list because your readers won't feel that you are just marketing to them all the time. You can certainly use your blog to market products, however create an inviting atmosphere that encourages comments on posts and give your readers good value.

Use a very personal style in your blog, writing naturally and openly in order to build your credibility. If you do this you will find that blogging is a powerful weapon in your internet marketing arsenal that sets you on the road to success.

Article Source:

Discover Kevin Sinclair's system for making profits regardless of whether anyone joins your network marketing business.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How To Earn Money Blogging

By James Hunaban

If you surf the net, you will see that blogs abound the online world. It seems that more and more people are into blogging. Blogging for money is more like a career now rather than just a simple past time.

There are three popular ways of making money through blogging and you can find them right here.

The first one is through advertisement. For instance you're already writing blogs. Now, in order to make money, you must get advertisements. Once your blogs are popular, more and more visitors will checkout your blog. Because of the popularity of your blogs, you will soon receive offers for advertisements from companies and product brands. The companies will then pay you for the advertisements. In most cases, you will be advertising products and services that are related to your blogs.

The second is by writing reviews. While you're writing a blog, you can also write reviews. You can earn more money by blogging about services, products, and popular companies. Since business owners want to popularize their names, they will offer you to write reviews about their products and brands.

The reviews should be positive so that more people are attracted to the said products or services. It must be able to generate an optimistic impression. If you're a popular and experienced blogger, more and more companies will request you to write reviews about them.

The third way to earn money is to do blogging and get paid. There are organizations as well as individuals who are willing to shell out money and pay for the blogs you make. Now, the blogs you will be asked to write may be about their products or services. Hired bloggers are increasing in numbers all over the world.

Through the blogs, certain products or services can create a big buzz. Those that hire bloggers will benefit a lot and they can create goodwill and excellent promotions. If you're a hired blogger, you will periodically receive hundreds or thousands through your blogs. Isn't that a good way to earn money without leaving the comforts of your home?

Advertisements, writing reviews, and getting paid for blogging are the three most popular ways of earning money through blogging. If you want, you can combine any of the three so that you can increase your earnings. However, this may be difficult to achieve especially if you're a beginner.

You must continue learning so that you can become an expert blogger. There are no specific requirements for bloggers. As long as you know how to write effective blogs and you have the right attitude, you will become successful in this field.

A lot of home based people are now into blogging. This is an excellent way to make money even when you're at home. As long as you have an internet connection and you know your way around the net, you can become a successful and highly paid blogger.

Determine the right money making option that will work for you. You can try them one by one and see which one works for you and let you earn money. You must have a plan of action so that you will know that you're on the right track. Give yourself enough time to test the waters. Remember, you must be an experienced and excellent blogger in order to make good money online through blogs.

Article Source:

Discover a lot more about the world of blogs at blogging guide

Friday, March 7, 2008

How To Gain From Guest Bloggers

By Court

What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is when the blogger for whatever reason cannot write a blog for the day, so he gets someone else to fill in. Example: If the blogger goes out of town or has an emergency, he can ask a friend or family member to write a couple of articles and post them on the site.

Guest Blogging has the ability to help everyone involved. First off it benefits the reader. Readers want constantly updated blogs and new information. If the blogger is unable to provide this for whatever reason, a guest blogger can step in and help out. The reader is still getting an updated blog and new articles, it is just written by someone else.

The reader can also benefit from the source of the information. Sometimes it is helpful or nice to read a blog written by someone new. It can be really helpful to have a different insight or twist on the same topic. Although the original blogger may be an expert in one area that is beneficial to the reader, the guest blogger may be an expert in another area that doesn't always get talked about.

The second person to benefit from this is the guest blogger. Although it may seem like a hassle for them to write for someone else, in all reality it is a smart business move. If the guest blogger uses this opportunity to his advantage he can help build his network and get new readers for his own blog.

In order for this to be beneficial for the guest blogger, he needs to create links back to his own site. This way if the raeder likes what they read from the guest blogger they are probably going to want to go to the guest bloggers actual site. If there is an easy link, they will click on it and be directed to the original site. This will help create more traffic on their site and hopefully get more interested and addicted readers.

The guest blogger can also benefit from writing on new topics. It is always good to broaden your horizons and check into new things. Most likely you will not guest blog on the same topic you typically write on.

Although this would be easy, it doesn't happen. The good thing is that you will learn a lot from writing on new topics. Readers appreciate bloggers who have a wide variety of knowledge. The best way to gain knowlege on a different topic is through research and writing. You will have the opportunity to build this quality as a guest blogger.

The truth is the person that benefits the most is the original blogger. Why, because he gets to take the break. We all know there are many benefits to taking breaks. Undoubtedly his writing will be better after having a week off to let his mind rest and be creative with new ideas.

In the end, guest blogging will help the readers constantly receive new content, the guest blogger build their skills and personal sites, all while the original blogger finally receives the long needed break.

Article Source:

Court is an internet marketing consultant and helps people to learn about internet marketing.

Why Does A Blog Fail?

By Court

Many people create web sites with the hopes of making a lot of extra money and becoming very popular with the online world of business, but they soon realize that these ambitious dreams are much harder to achieve than they previously anticipated. They look around at all of the successful web pages that are attracting thousands of online visitors each day and wonder what they are doing wrong. Frustrations quickly begin to sink in and they often completely give up on taking care of their web sites.

There are quite a few reasons for why your web site might be failing, and this article will address a few of those reasons. Once you have become educated on the different reasons for your web site's failure, the next step to take will be to find solutions that will improve the growth and reputation of your site. Some of the best and most popular web sites on the Internet were once failures, but learned from their mistakes and made adjustments that kept the site from failing even further.

Unpopular Theme
One reason for why your web site might be failing is because it was not built upon the foundation of a popular theme or topic. If you design a web site in a category that no one wants to learn or read about, then that will have an automatic negative impact on your site and will not have the ability to attract enough online visitors to make the site successful and popular. Make sure that you create a web site that is based on a very popular theme with a large Internet audience.

Lack Of Updates
The beginning of a new web site can be very exciting and owners can see a great influx in success from the amount of people that visit from the Internet. As time goes on though, people quickly become bored if the information on a page does not change on a frequent time basis. You need to make sure that you constantly update the design and information that is published on your web site so that you continue to attract the attention of new and loyal online visitors.

Not User Friendly
Sometimes web site designers create pages that are difficult to understand and even more confusing to use. There is usually a lack of navigational tools and a proper organizational structure that makes it easy for online visitors to use your web site. In order to fix this problem, you must make your site very user friendly and easily accessible to anyone who might come to use your web site.

Lack Of Work Ethic
In some cases, the failure of a web site has absolutely nothing to do with the page itself, but rather the person who owns, designs, and updates the site on a constant basis. If this person does not have a strong work ethic and fails to dedicate a lot of time to the caretaking of the web site, then of course it will most certainly be a failure.

Article Source:

Court provides internet marketing tips and is an expert on starting a blog.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Ways To Show Appreciation To Commentators On Your Blog

By Court

There is a lot of debate going on in the online world about how you should show your appreciation to commentators on your blog. Some people think that you should show your appreciation by sending thank you emails or messages that make them feel important and involved with blog discussions. Others disagree with this belief and think that sending out thank you messages have more of a negative influence than a positive one.

Thank you emails or messages to blog commentators might actually be detrimental to a blog site's progression toward perfection and ultimate success. There are a number of reasons why this could be true, according to many online critics.

One reason why return messages might have a negative impact on your blog site is because that process wastes a lot of the blog owner's time, especially if you are regulating a very big site. If you take the time to respond to every single comment that is made on your blog page, then you will not have any time to do anything else. You should focus your time on other tasks that would be more beneficial to a site's success.

Another reason why sometimes thank you emails are bad is because it detracts blog visitors from making further comments on your site in the future. If they receive an annoying email after every time that they make a comment on a blog, then they will become intimidated and will not want to comment any more in the future. People receive plenty of junk emails in their mailboxes and any more messages would just be a nuisance.

Instead of sending an email to your blog's commentators that probably will be impersonal and very generic, there are alternative methods that you can use to show your appreciation to people who leave comments on your blog. You can make them feel just as important and special to your blog with methods other than sending out annoying emails.

One great way for you to show your appreciation is to respond to people's comments right on the blog site itself. By publishing your responses on the blog site right next to the comments, the commentators will see what you have written and will feel proud about being a part of the blog's discussion. This technique also allows other people to see your responses of gratitude to blog visitors and will most likely be impressed with the way that you treat and take care of them.

Posting your grateful responses right on the blog site can greatly increase your blog's popularity and show that you truly care about the people that take part in the topic discussions. Your emphasis on strong customer relations will become a major strong point for your site and will encourage other Internet users to subscribe and become loyal customers to your blog. With the effective use of appreciative responses on your blog, you will be able to increase the amount of visitors that constantly use your site.

Article Source:

Court provides internet marketing tips and is an expert on starting a blog.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Useful Tips in Proofreading Your Posts

By Guardian Angel

There are bloggers who careless about the correctness of their posts but there are those who are really conscious about it. Although I do not blame those who ignore it, I really admire those who are spending hours of double checking their articles before they post them. In addition, spelling and grammar checker are far away from proofreading it. This is because the checker will think that these are what you really want to write. Here are tips that you may find useful when you proofread your post.

Have full concentration. Do not allow any disturbance when you are proofreading your post. This includes turning off the television, radio and cell phone. You can also concentrate more if you will write it on a piece of paper instead of reading it on a screen aloud. This is because your own voice can also be a distraction. Reading your post backwards can also help. I usually make a post when I am alone, and if you will notice most of them are posted during the late hours of the evening.

Know the potential source of mistakes. You should know where the possible mistakes may come from. Sometimes we know the correct word or punctuation marks to use but our fingers tend to go the wrong way. A good example is the period and comma. In case you did not notice, they are placed side by side and they are small enough that you can barely notice the difference. Your worst mistake would be doing is that you did not type them at all. Therefore, you should also analyze the principle of your keyboard.

Know the confusing words. Homonyms or words with the same sound can really be confusing so you should be aware of the right words to use. Take note that MSWord cannot correct everything. There are also words that have a one-letter difference from the other but misusing it will create a misleading post. A good example of a bad mistake is writing one billion instead of one million. I hope you could imagine the damage of a 999,000,000 difference if you are writing about money.

Do not trust yourself alone. It is common sense that you should trust yourself but asking others to read your articles before posting them will be a very big help. The more you check it by yourself, the more your confidence will grow, and therefore you might not able to see the minor mistakes. You may not need to hire a professional proofreader to check your post. Sometimes, I got surprised when my 11-year old daughter sees the simple mistakes I did not see even after I read it multiple times.

Writing is also the same as speaking. It influences people and may change a life. You may not know the damage that has been created before you made the correction.

Article Source:

I am a Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet marketing techniques and article marketing strategies, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Is It A Good Idea Comment On Other People's Blogs?

By Court

When it comes to blogging there are so many details to pay attention to. One detail that may be important when it comes to blogging is whether or not you should leave comments on other people's blogs.

Believe or not, there are many benefits to leaving comments on other people's blogs as long as you know what you are doing. If you have never even paid attention to the comments that people leave on your blog this may be a good time to make some changes in your blogging style.

Get Some Free Advertising

Every single time that you leave a comment on a blog, the site will automatically leave a link to your own blog. The more comments you leave, the more free links to your site will be posted across the blogosphere. Everyone who reads those comments will know just how to find your site.

Before you go out and start leaving random comments on lots of blogs, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Don't take advantage of the fact that you can get some good free advertising by leaving whatever you want on other blogs. You want to pay attention to what you are doing and leave good quality comments.

Plenty of Comments

When you make an effort to leave good comments on other blogs, the bloggers will notice that and start to leave more comments on your own site. If you are contributing to their blog then they will be more willing to contribute to your blog. So if you are trying to find a way to get more people to leave comments on your blog, start by leaving comments on others.

Good Quality Comments

Just leaving random comments isn't quite good enough. If you want others to take notice at the things you are writing, then put some thought and consideration into what you are going to leave. These comments not only reflect you but also your blog so make sure they are of good quality.

When leaving comments, always be polite to the blog owner and the other readers. Even if you don't agree with what is being said, you can leave your own opinion politely. Check your language and make sure it is appropriate for the audience that will be reading it.

One more thing to consider is double checking your spelling and grammar. If you are planning on leaving a great comment, misspelled words and poor grammar can be a huge turn off and reflect badly on your own blog.

One Last Thing

If you honestly have nothing good to contribute to a blog, then it would probably be better if you just didn't do it. People can see right through you when you are leaving random comments on other blogs just to get your name out there. Only leave comments if you really have something meaningful to contribute.

By leaving effective comments it can really help out your own blog in the long run if you do it correctly. There are not very many occasions when it would be bad to leave a comment, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines and try to do it correctly.

Article Source:

Court provides information about internet marketing through his website: Court's Internet Marketing School.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do You Splog or Blog? - Affiliate Marketers with Wordpress Beware

By Cynthia Mosher

If you are just getting started creating an affiliate marketing business online, one of the easiest ways to do so is to get a blog at It's free, it's easy, and you can be up and running in minutes. However, an affiliate marketing blog on can be shut down before you can say why. Why? because of the Wordpress definitions of a spam blog that are often overlooked. So, do you splog or blog? Are you a splogger or a blogger?

A blog that is operating with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs fall into the Wordpress category of "splog." Wordpress defines an affiliate marketing blog as one it will ban. Wordpress states:

Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs. To be clear, examples like people writing original book or movie reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category. We're only talking about blogs that are primarily designed to promote different affiliate programs.

If this is your blogging strategy, get thy self your own domain and hosting company and get Wordpress installed on it. By doing so you avoid the risk of having your website removed. Nick at Wordpress Support told me that the Terms of Service do not apply to the self-hosted version of Wordpress that you download at That software is free for you to use as you please with no restrictions or requirements regarding splogging or blogging in any way. Good news for those of us on our own websites. Good information for you if you are just getting ready to build a blog and use it for affiliate marketing information and sales.

As for affiliate marketers already established on a host blog site, certainly you have concerns about moving to a new website as that would entail changing all of your URLs and losing the pagerank and traffic avenues you have established with your links. I suggest you write to the folks at Wordpress and ask them what you can do to comply with their terms of service to avoid being banned as a splogger. Do it now. It will give you peace of mind and if you are at threat you can begin restructuring your site to comply with what Wordpress will require of you to be able to keep your blog.

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Cynthia Mosher has been working online since 1998. She shares her advice and experience on working at home and internet and affiliate marketing at her website Wahm Daily.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Manage Multiple Blogs Effectively

By Guardian Angel

Managing a single blog will need your countless effort and focus. Not to mention that you may have other important things to attend to. But what if you decide to have more than one blog? Although you really want to blog about other things you are interested about, you are hesitant to do this because you think that you cannot make it. Being a multiple blog owner myself, I would like to share how I am doing this, and somehow they may also be applicable to you.

Promote them fairly
On each of your blogs, you can show to your readers that you have other blogs by placing their titles with a link on your sidebars. Once in a while, mention them in one of your articles if applicable. But never promote them directly unless it is related to your post. This will loose the appetite of your visitors and they will never visit again. However, it is not practical to include them in your e-mail or forum signature if you have more than five blogs.

Relate them to each other
If your blogs has totally different topics from each other, it is quite hard to promote them fairly. It will also take a longer time to submit to article and blog directories since they will fall in different categories. Having a common denominator among your blogs will make you easier to promote them. There are a lot of ways to do it if you will be creative enough.

Do not pressure yourself
If you rush your posts just to update your blogs, you may tend to make a useless post, which can easily be noticed by your readers. Remember that it is not necessary to post every day. Posting at least three times a week is more than enough to keep all your blogs alive. If you are relaxed, you can think a lot of wonderful ideas to make your posts attractive to readers.

Have a lot of useful resources
It takes a lot of time to make a good post; and multiplying that to the number of your blogs will be equal to very long hours if you do not have enough resources. Do not rely on your ideas alone. If you have a topic on your mind, using other articles as your reference will make it faster. However, just be sure that you will be making your own version and not just copying all the content.

Make a showcase
A showcase is like an article directory where you can put all the articles from different blogs. However, instead of placing in different categories, quote each post or put the first three sentences with a link to the original blog where the post came from. In this way, you are promoting all your blogs simultaneously.

You may not have to be always fair to all your blogs. But make it a point to be fair to your readers because it is your obligation to them.

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I am a Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet marketing techniques and other making money on-line strategies, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at

How To Convince Blog Owners That You Are A Good Guest Blogger

By Guardian Angel

After you have decided that you can be a good guest blogger, it is now time to find a blog where you can apply and submit a guest post. Although there are a lot of bloggers who want some guest bloggers for their blogs, you are a bit hesitant because you are afraid that your hard work might end up nothing. It is very disappointing to know that someone has rejected you which can make you loose your confidence. Chances are you will not apply again to avoid further humiliation. However, since it is your dream to become one, you must plan carefully just like any other activity. So before applying, here are some good points to be considered.

Prepare an advance post. Having the right post for guest blogging is different from your usual ones. It must be well crafted and refined carefully. Blog owners will not have time to correct your grammar and spelling. Besides preparing an original post specially made for guest blogging, it should also identify you as yourself and not as the blog owner you wish to join with. Take note that the blog owner might be visiting your blog before approving it. He does not want his readers to be dissatisfied with his guest bloggers.

Prepare your best sample posts. Before approval, most blog owners may ask samples of your quality posts to be submitted to him. They will be your passport or resume proving that you have the qualifications he needs as his guest blogger. Be sure that they are related to his blog and can attract readers just like your guest posts. The blog owner will therefore assume that if you can write quality posts for your blog, you can also write a better post for him.

Be familiar with each other. Leaving good comments to some of his posts may help you to introduce yourself prior to application. Although he may not reply on your comments, he can recognize you when you apply for guest blogging. This also means that you are familiar with him and you are really interested to join him and not for the sole purpose of promoting yourself. You do not have to be one of his subscribers, but by visiting his blog frequently, you can also have an idea what kind of guest post he likes.

Be humble. Remember that you are asking for a favor, so do not tell him that you are the best guest blogger he can ever find. Moreover, do not act like you are his big fan where in fact, it is just your second time to visit his blog. It is best that you will tell the truth about your ability and knowledge instead of being proud for the things that you really do not know. If you are not familiar with Wordpress, be humble to admit it. After all, if he is interested in you, he will guide you all the way.

Be enthusiastic. Show him how much happy you are to be featured in his blog. It can also boost your self-confidence as a guest blogger. If this is your first time, tell him how much honored you are to have his blog as your first experience. Make him feel comfortable so he may prioritize your offer other than someone else. Be sure you have time to check your mails regularly for his reply. If you reply late, he might think you are just fooling around and not really interested at all.

If after doing all of these and you still got rejected, do not pout because there is always a second chance. Consider it as a challenge to make the next one better.

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I am a Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet marketing techniques and other making money on-line strategies, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Get People To Cite Your Posts On Their Blogs

By Court

The popularity of your blog is crucial to its success and growth so it can be a major source of income for you through the use of the Internet. One of the major and most important parts of a blog site are the posts that you publish on the site over a specific time period. These posts are often renewed on a weekly basis in order to keep people coming back to learn about new information.

One way that bloggers can increase the popularity of their site is by having other people cite your posts in their own blogs. The more that this specific action occurs the more valuable your blog posts will become to the online world of blogging. There are a number of ways that will help increase your chances of getting people to cite your posts on their own blogs.

The main thing for blog designers to remember is the importance of the web pages content and what is published on it. The quality and effectiveness of a web sites content will determine if the online business is recognized by other blog owners and therefore increase its amount of traffic flow. There are a few techniques that blog designers can use to increase their popularity among both blog owners and Internet users.

People must remember that the quality of writing on a web site is extremely important. If you want your blog posts to be cited by other blogs, then web page writers should use certain key words that visitors use to search the Internet. The titles and subtitles of the blog posts should also be carefully written so that it will have a higher probability of being looked up by Internet users through the use of search engines.

With every blog post that you publish online, it should be quite lengthy and contain at least two hundred words. This allows search engines to pick up more of the keywords that Internet users will be looking for and will then link to your specific blog site. If your blog posts are too short, then there will not be enough information for the search engines to share with other people.

Another great way for you to get other blog owners to cite things on your blog is through the use of attractive and unique images. Images are one of the best mediums for grasping the attention of Internet visitors and will be one of the best methods for you to spread the news about an important blog post or article. If you include special images in your blog posts that relate to the specific articles, then your chances of being cited by other bloggers will grow tremendously.

You can also use special one-liners or memorable stories in your articles that will enhance a persons reading and understanding. People usually remember stories much better than they remember facts and boring information. Always try to make your articles as interesting and exciting as possible in order to become cited by other bloggers.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tips For Maximizing Your Google Adsense Revenues

By raj kumar

Despite what you may hear, the Google AdSense program is not for everyone. There are some types of web sites that do poorly no matter how hard the owners try, and there are others that should be doing well but the webmaster simply isn’t putting in the effort to make things happen. Here are some tips to make AdSense work better for you. If you do them all and you’re still not having any luck, then you just might be running one of those sites that don’t make money.

1. Determine if your visitors are “in the mood”

Like I mentioned at the top of this article, some web sites just don’t work with pay-per-click programs. The best performing sites fall into one of these categories:

• Sites where users go and expect to buy something while they are there. E-commerce sites fit the bill here.

• Sites where users go to find specific information on something that they want to buy now. Music and video review sites, vacation information sites, resume building sites, etc. You don’t have to actually be selling these types of things; your site can just be a Mecca for information pertaining to these things. Then, when the visitor comes to read your content, they are more likely to click on your ads.

• Sites where people who have disposable income and a credit card like to visit. This includes sites with money management, investing and lifestyle content.

• Sites that draw a large amount of new users every day. Free coupon sites and “How to” sites are good examples.

• Sites where people who expect to read ads go. Classified ads and shopping comparison sites fit into this category.

2. Make sure that your visitors don’t feel that you just want to grab their money

Give them plenty of relevant and well-written content. If writing isn’t your best skill then hire someone to do it for you. Good content brings steady traffic and steady traffic pays the bills.

3. Play by the rules

Google has some very specific Terms of Service ( for participating in their AdSense program. Learn those rules and follow them so you don’t lose all of your investment by getting shut out.

4. Use the tools that Google gives you

Google gives you tools for determining the best keywords for your site, measuring ad performance, and setting up different ad “channels” for fine-tuning ad results. These guys and girls are the 800 lb. Gorillas in the Pay-Per-Click market. They didn’t build these tools just to keep their programmers busy. Take advantage of their knowledge for they are very big and you are not!

5. Tweak, fine-tune and then tweak again

You should never be happy with your AdSense performance. If it’s good, then you need to make it great. If it’s great then you need to make it amazing. If it’s amazing then you need to take it to the UPS club. The UPS club? Google sends all checks over $10,000 per month to the webmaster via UPS overnight delivery. Now there’s a club that I wouldn’t mind belonging to.

6. Get more traffic

No matter how much traffic you have, you need more. More eyeballs translate to more clicks. Even if you’re only pulling a 2% click-through. That’s a lot of clicks when you have thousands of visitors each day.

7. Experiment with new keywords

New keywords can bring new ads and new eyeballs along with it. Set up some new pages on your site and experiment with different content. Once you get something that’s working then refer back to Tip # 5.

You can see results in near real time when you use Google’s AdWords. Don’t be afraid to be different. If something that everyone else is doing doesn’t work for you, then invent something that does work and get it on your site.

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