Friday, March 7, 2008

How To Gain From Guest Bloggers

By Court

What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is when the blogger for whatever reason cannot write a blog for the day, so he gets someone else to fill in. Example: If the blogger goes out of town or has an emergency, he can ask a friend or family member to write a couple of articles and post them on the site.

Guest Blogging has the ability to help everyone involved. First off it benefits the reader. Readers want constantly updated blogs and new information. If the blogger is unable to provide this for whatever reason, a guest blogger can step in and help out. The reader is still getting an updated blog and new articles, it is just written by someone else.

The reader can also benefit from the source of the information. Sometimes it is helpful or nice to read a blog written by someone new. It can be really helpful to have a different insight or twist on the same topic. Although the original blogger may be an expert in one area that is beneficial to the reader, the guest blogger may be an expert in another area that doesn't always get talked about.

The second person to benefit from this is the guest blogger. Although it may seem like a hassle for them to write for someone else, in all reality it is a smart business move. If the guest blogger uses this opportunity to his advantage he can help build his network and get new readers for his own blog.

In order for this to be beneficial for the guest blogger, he needs to create links back to his own site. This way if the raeder likes what they read from the guest blogger they are probably going to want to go to the guest bloggers actual site. If there is an easy link, they will click on it and be directed to the original site. This will help create more traffic on their site and hopefully get more interested and addicted readers.

The guest blogger can also benefit from writing on new topics. It is always good to broaden your horizons and check into new things. Most likely you will not guest blog on the same topic you typically write on.

Although this would be easy, it doesn't happen. The good thing is that you will learn a lot from writing on new topics. Readers appreciate bloggers who have a wide variety of knowledge. The best way to gain knowlege on a different topic is through research and writing. You will have the opportunity to build this quality as a guest blogger.

The truth is the person that benefits the most is the original blogger. Why, because he gets to take the break. We all know there are many benefits to taking breaks. Undoubtedly his writing will be better after having a week off to let his mind rest and be creative with new ideas.

In the end, guest blogging will help the readers constantly receive new content, the guest blogger build their skills and personal sites, all while the original blogger finally receives the long needed break.

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