Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Bloggers Should Show Their Own Pictures On Blogs They Own

By Guardian Angel

Showing of self-picture on blogs is not really a requirement for blog owners. There are bloggers who choose not to do so, while some of them choose to have it included in the About Me section. They may have different reasons for doing such, but the following reasons are the most important ones why blog owners should show their own pictures on blog they own:

It is a validation of their ownership of the blog. This means that no one can deny that the true owner of that blog is the one who has his or her picture on it. If there will be future problems about ownership, he can easily prove that he is the real owner of the blog and its content.

Viewers can identify the blog as certified real and existing site as owned by humans and not computer generated only. A blog without the picture of the owner can be doubtful in terms of authenticity and intention. It is like an ID card without a picture.

A blog with the owner’s own picture has a greater chance of being trusted than those without. It is quite hard to trust someone you do not see and know how he looks like. Most likely, visitors will keep coming back because they know who exactly they are dealing with.

It boosts additional confidence of the blog owner. Seeing your own picture in the Internet makes you proud. Allowing millions of people around the world to look at your face needs a lot of guts, no matter how good your looks are.

One may think that security and privacy will be problem if you became popular in blogging, especially when people can recognize you wherever you go. This is the price you will pay for your success and you just have to accept them. However, you can always think of ways how to protect yourself and maintain your privacy.

Blogging is a very decent career and we should be proud of ourselves as blog owners. After all, it is the content that matters, not the face.

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I am a full-blooded Filipino, trying to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. One of my dreams is to have a place where bloggers and humans can meet.

Friday, December 21, 2007

How To Reply On Comments

By Guardian Angel

Comments, whether good or bad means that the reader took time to give their views on your posts. It also means that your posts have been reviewed carefully and the reader found it interesting to comment on. Therefore it is your responsibility to reply, and such replies are so important to readers. Moreover, here are some useful tips:

If the comment looks sarcastic, do not do the same. Be calm while explaining your side, and pacify him. If he continues to, then you can block his future comments. However, do not forget to thank him; he viewed your site anyway.

If the comment is out of topic or asking a non-related issue, reply still. Answer his question then lead him to a proper forum where he can get more discussions. But do not be offensive; he might just do not know where to ask.

If the comment is to correct your mistake, be humble. Say sorry and thank him for the advice he gave you instead of ignoring it. Then post a reply to correct your mistake. But you may do some research before making another mistake.

If the comment is rewarding, be enthusiastic about it. Thank him with all your heart and invite him to visit again. Reply in such a way that he will comment again, and others will be encouraged to comment too. You may also visit his site and do the same if it is worthy to give. The more good comments, the more attractive your site will be.

In any case, reply quickly. A comment deserves a reply at once. A simple Thank You is very appreciable not only for him but for other readers, too. But it is better if you add some flowers to your reply to make your readers smile a bit and a chance to be your regular visitor.

To reply on comments is a very healthy attitude. This means that you are deeply concern with your readers, and this is one of the best ways to promote yourself.

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I am a full-blooded Filipino, trying to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. One of my dreams is to have a place where bloggers and humans can meet.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Five Qualities Of A Successful Problogger

By Guardian Angel

Experts have been talking about high page rank, great traffic, social bookmarking sites and directories as some of the major keys to be a successful problogger. These are all true, and nobody denies that. However, to get there needs a lot of good qualities and here are some of them:

Humility: A successful problogger posts inspiring comments on other blogs rather than insulting words. He also provides time to reply on comments to his blog even just to say “thank you” and “sorry” if necessary. Visitors are glad to visit them regularly.

Originality: A successful problogger do not just copy articles from others without permission or least mentioning the originator’s name. Moreover, he uses his own words to discuss an old topic to make it fresh again. His mentors will appreciate it and will even help him to improve more.

Credibility: A successful problogger do not posts false articles, disgusting topics and blind items that might destroy personalities. He makes deep researches on each detail before sharing it. His articles can easily be approved by huge directories, thus creating great traffic to your blog.

Generosity: A successful problogger unselfishly shares his knowledge without asking for anything in return except maybe for a backlink. He engages himself in helping neophytes through responding to queries in forums and threads. He also suggests improvements even without being asked for. His name will be passed on even without his self-promotion.

Consistency: A successful problogger is consistent and firm with his ideas. He does not change his mind easily, nor give up on something he believes in just for the sake of money or popularity. His followers will do the same thing and therefore, his community will grow continually.

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I am a full-blooded Filipino, trying to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. One of my dreams is to have a place where bloggers and humans can meet.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tips On How To Give Blogging Tips

By Guardian Angel

Giving blogging tips is a very popular type of blogging. Actually, they are selling like hotcakes and are endless. Not only that you can have a greater chance of high page rank because of the keywords, but it is also a great help to others especially to beginners. However, giving blogging tips is a responsibility and therefore you must be careful in doing so. Here are some tips you need to realize.

Be considerate. Remember that you are giving advices, especially to beginners. Imagine that you are the teacher, and the visitors are your students. Use layman’s term as much as possible. But if it is unavoidable, use hyperlink to let your visitors go to the source with a more detailed explanation of your tips.

Be humble. Although you may be an expert in giving such tips, you must not be too proud about your status. Give tips in the most pleasant way, and you will receive good comments. If the viewer feels that you are bigheaded, then he will go to other sites and will not come back to visit you again. You do not need to act like an expert; you are already an expert to the eyes of your visitors after all.

Be creative. Give tips on a very convincing way. You can use youtube or actual picture to help the viewer readily understand your tips. You can also site some simple examples. By doing this, visitors will mention your site to others as a token of thanking you and this is a very good traffic for all you know.

Be honest. If you think that your tips may not be applicable for others, say it. If there are restrictions to your tips, explain it well. Viewers are expecting that it is effective for all, where in fact you are really sure it is. Do not add or subtract any important part of the tips. If you are over exaggerated in your tips, you visitor will turn you down.

Be original. Do not just copy-paste the tips you read from other sites. Although your tips might not be that original, you can still explain it using your own words. If not, this is spamming (? – editor); or if the tips you copied has a copyright then you will get into more deep trouble.

Be the user, too. If you are giving tips that you are not using, then how can you prove that it is effective to others? Do not give tips that you did not verified and proven effective, it is just the same as telling a lie. If visitors learned that you are not using your own tips, then people will think that you are just a user, a people user.

Giving blogging tips is more advantageous to you rather than to your visitors. This is because if they will be successful someday because of your tips, they will consider you as their mentor, and it is equivalent to more than millions of traffic.

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Guardian Angel is a full-blooded Filipino who is trying to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. I would also like to invite everyone to a place where bloggers and humans meet.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things You Should Know Before You Blog

By Guardian Angel

Just like any activity or business, blogging needs planning and a little bit of feasibility. Here are some things I think you should know first before you blog:

Know the system. Understand how blogs work. You can start by reading blogs and analyze how most of them look like. Learn the different styles of blogs and discover what suits your taste and topic. The more blogs you read the more choices you will have. However, read only what you can understand. Do not be overwhelmed of the complicated blogs. Anyway, you could do better someday when you get familiar with the system. But you must start from the basic, just like others did. Do not worry; there are free tutorials everywhere.

Know the rules. You must know the do’s and don’ts. Do not just join in anything that you see. You might get banned for some mistake that you do not know. There are FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and HELP windows where you can use as a guide. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions in every community and forums you want to join. Remember, ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Know your interest. If you want blogging to be a part of your life, then you must blog what interests you. It may not be a popular topic, and may sound boring to others, but what the heck! Who cares? The more important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. Topics are endless, and the ones popular today may not be popular tomorrow. If you blog about something you do not like much, the tendency is you will quit earlier than you think.

Know someone who blogs. Though you may have a lot of references, it is easier if you know someone who blogs. It is better if you watch him blog while he teaches you and listen to him like a grade school student. He must be a friend who is patient enough and willing to spend time to teach you. Otherwise, you will have a longer time to learn and even spend some money for something that you can get for free.

Know your time. Blogging requires a lot of time. If you are busy with other activities but you want to blog, you must learn about time management. You have to sacrifice a lot of time to stay in this field. You might turn good in blogging but loose focus on other important things.

Know your health. After learning some basic about blogging through my first mentor, I asked him what to do next, and I laughed when he told me to take a lot of vitamins. Then later, I realized that I am loosing some pounds. This is because of the sleepless nights, empty stomach and whirling mind that I have been spending since I start blogging. But now, I am monitoring my health very consciously.

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I am a full-blooded Filipino who is trying to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. I also believe that bloggers and human should meet somewhere like in my site.