Friday, June 11, 2010

4 Ways to a Prosperous Blog

Blog writing can be an ideal way for you to turn your flair for writing into a source of income. However, simply having good writing skills won't make you a successful blogger. Some essential things you need to follow are:

1. Write Well:

Ensure that your blogs are not too preachy. Some people read blogs for fun and exciting content, whereas some others simply read them to learn other people's opinions on certain issues. First, decide on a topic or theme for your blogs.

Write it in a way that is easy to read and understand. Do not put morose or boring content in your blogs.

There are millions of other bloggers on the Internet vying for readers' attention. To have an edge over other bloggers, you'll need to post fresh, unique and interesting content on your blog. Update it regularly. If you're writing about any product or service, write your opinions instead of writing what others say. Avoid fluffing your content with unnecessary words or sentences. Don't include too much technical jargon in your blog, as it may confuse and disorient your readers.

2. Make Your Blog Post Scannable:

Blogs written in a good and neat format have more chances of attracting readers. Remember, your readers should understand the gist of your blog content by scanning through it just once. For this, you can include bullet points, quotes, numbered lists or pictures in your content.

No person likes reading lengthy stories on a blog. Hence, consider writing short paragraphs. Also, ensure to have good spacing between the lines.

3. Target Your Readers:

Based on the purpose of your blog, you can determine your target readers. For instance, if you wish to write blogs related to dating and relationships, your target readership will include both teenagers and adults. In such a case, it'll be better to have a blog design that is lively and colorful. Similarly, your blog needs to have a professional look if it is for business purposes.

4. Connect With Your Readers:

Unless you connect with your readers, the chances of your becoming a successful blogger are bleak. Hence, to ensure that your readers return to read your blogs, you need to build a good rapport with them. For this, you can ask your readers to give their feedback about your blogs. Don't hesitate to ask them for suggestions. This will make them feel that you truly value their feedback. These readers will later return to check whether you have followed their suggestions. This can help you gain loyal readership for your blogs.

Apart from these factors, you also need market your blogs effectively. For this, you can either seek the services of popular social networking web sites or post comments to other link-minded bloggers and then link your blog on it.

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