Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Bloggers Should Show Their Own Pictures On Blogs They Own

By Guardian Angel

Showing of self-picture on blogs is not really a requirement for blog owners. There are bloggers who choose not to do so, while some of them choose to have it included in the About Me section. They may have different reasons for doing such, but the following reasons are the most important ones why blog owners should show their own pictures on blog they own:

It is a validation of their ownership of the blog. This means that no one can deny that the true owner of that blog is the one who has his or her picture on it. If there will be future problems about ownership, he can easily prove that he is the real owner of the blog and its content.

Viewers can identify the blog as certified real and existing site as owned by humans and not computer generated only. A blog without the picture of the owner can be doubtful in terms of authenticity and intention. It is like an ID card without a picture.

A blog with the owner’s own picture has a greater chance of being trusted than those without. It is quite hard to trust someone you do not see and know how he looks like. Most likely, visitors will keep coming back because they know who exactly they are dealing with.

It boosts additional confidence of the blog owner. Seeing your own picture in the Internet makes you proud. Allowing millions of people around the world to look at your face needs a lot of guts, no matter how good your looks are.

One may think that security and privacy will be problem if you became popular in blogging, especially when people can recognize you wherever you go. This is the price you will pay for your success and you just have to accept them. However, you can always think of ways how to protect yourself and maintain your privacy.

Blogging is a very decent career and we should be proud of ourselves as blog owners. After all, it is the content that matters, not the face.

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