Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Do You Do for Your Blog?

You are a blogger creating content to distribute and get heard. You don't need to be essentially a technical person at all. Not all bloggers are. Professional blogging is not about doing the technical part of the job although it's part of what people do at blogs. You are supposed to create the content your readers need.

Professional Bloggers Write and Publish

If you are a professional blogger and make living by writing posts that addresses a particular group of audience, just focus on writing. The technical work takes your time and disorients your energy. You are only expected to create the content that your readers have subscribed for. This isn't an easy task that is done in a short time.

You also moderate the blog, meaning you read the comments and approve or disapprove them. You follow them up by replying to them or ignoring them. You make sure that the comments are not off the topic or offensive to the others. So, you deal with the content and leave the technicality to the one assigned for this job if you're a professional blogger.

Professional Bloggers Read to be Able to Write

If you're an expert in your field, it doesn't mean that you know everything. Everybody needs to read other blogs and see what the hot topics of the day are, what viewpoints are dominant and what new ideas are suggested. Maybe some new discovery or invention is among the trending topics and your readers expect you to have a say on it. Therefore, you should be updated with what is going on at your industry.

Get More Readers for Your Blog

These days blogs aren't limited to one single site where you write and publish. In general, you have to get yourself heard in the social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc are all online communities where you can find potential bloggers who are looking for the type of information you publish at your blog. So, you have to have strong presence there.

Most of the blogs have got the icons of these sites in order to make it easier for your enthusiastic audience who are more active on those sites and prefer to hear your new posts from those sites. So, make sure you provide such possibilities for them so that they can get back to you using those platforms.

In other words, it helps you as a professional blogger to get as many readers as possible from those sites. Therefore, they cannot be simply ignored. You need to actively show your presence at social sites and make your blog a core to which those sites send traffic to.

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