Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Get Daily Massive Traffic To Your Blog

It is the fact that almost all the internet users go online are looking for information, not necessarily go and buy things. If they want to buy something, before they make up their mind, they will use search engines to search the info first. To get traffic to your site, and make your blog be seen by them, following these tips can help you achieve it.

If you have been in the internet marketing for any period of time you would have heard this saying day in and day out - Content is the king. Every internet marketing manual has this as it's mantra and rightly so. Bad poorly written content is the death bell for all blogs that want to be taken seriously. Thus, you need to write articles and blogging them to make your website full of original, relevant and useful content, which related to your products or services.

If you want your blog to be around for a while and you want readers to come in 5 years time and still find your content relevant to them, write timeless content is essential, whether they read it in 3 months, 3 years or 30 years. Some topics however, will always be timeless, find those, write on them.

In addition, the other best way to get a sudden burst of traffic is to write about something that is hot right now or in the news. This is a great way to get a sudden burst of really interested traffic - watching the news, or use online services like Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz or Ebay Pulse etc can help you do that.

When you write articles for your blog, keep in mind of this - your main focus should be on writing for humans, not for bots. Don't try and repeat your keywords all over your blog posts to the point where it does not make sense.

Keywords stuffing might work sometimes for search engine rank your site and you may get some extra traffic by doing it, but they won't stay for long if the content is obviously geared for the purpose of search engine ranking. People have a short attention span and won't waste their time reading the junk.

Besides that, there is nothing worse than reading a blog with no personality. People like to read posts that are conversationalist in nature. They like to read writings that are written at the 7th grade level. And they don't want to read large words and hard to read sentences.

People also like it when you talk to them one on one like an old friend, talk to your reader as if only one person were reading your blog. Having a unique personality will get you more traffic from people telling people (word of mouth) about your blog then any "traffic building" technique.

To keep search engines, ping sites, and people interested to continue coming back to your site, you have to blog regularly. In the other words, if you don't do it, they will lose interest and will not come to your website.

What I would suggest is that, at the very least, you should post once a week, two to three times would be better, but make sure that you don't post every day all day. If you do that, it will make your site to search engines like a spam blog. Also make sure that you split your post times up, some weeks post on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, other weeks post on the other days.

Finally, the design of your site also important, appealing to the viewer and easy to read is essential. Don't use too bright colour, lots of graphics, tons of links or anything like that. Just keep it simple, make it easy to access, and check your entire site to make sure that all the links on your blog are working fine.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Do You Do for Your Blog?

You are a blogger creating content to distribute and get heard. You don't need to be essentially a technical person at all. Not all bloggers are. Professional blogging is not about doing the technical part of the job although it's part of what people do at blogs. You are supposed to create the content your readers need.

Professional Bloggers Write and Publish

If you are a professional blogger and make living by writing posts that addresses a particular group of audience, just focus on writing. The technical work takes your time and disorients your energy. You are only expected to create the content that your readers have subscribed for. This isn't an easy task that is done in a short time.

You also moderate the blog, meaning you read the comments and approve or disapprove them. You follow them up by replying to them or ignoring them. You make sure that the comments are not off the topic or offensive to the others. So, you deal with the content and leave the technicality to the one assigned for this job if you're a professional blogger.

Professional Bloggers Read to be Able to Write

If you're an expert in your field, it doesn't mean that you know everything. Everybody needs to read other blogs and see what the hot topics of the day are, what viewpoints are dominant and what new ideas are suggested. Maybe some new discovery or invention is among the trending topics and your readers expect you to have a say on it. Therefore, you should be updated with what is going on at your industry.

Get More Readers for Your Blog

These days blogs aren't limited to one single site where you write and publish. In general, you have to get yourself heard in the social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc are all online communities where you can find potential bloggers who are looking for the type of information you publish at your blog. So, you have to have strong presence there.

Most of the blogs have got the icons of these sites in order to make it easier for your enthusiastic audience who are more active on those sites and prefer to hear your new posts from those sites. So, make sure you provide such possibilities for them so that they can get back to you using those platforms.

In other words, it helps you as a professional blogger to get as many readers as possible from those sites. Therefore, they cannot be simply ignored. You need to actively show your presence at social sites and make your blog a core to which those sites send traffic to.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Marketing Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Internet Business

By Jimmy Daivid

Blog marketing is a set of well written and well presented techniques that attracts a lot of traffic to your weblog. However, if you believe that you have done everything feasible, odds are that you have not. Or that you should do more. When you are on the job to promoting a blog, remember that you never arrive to a halting point. There will always something that you can carry out to continue to grow and make your weblog popular. So what are these things? Read on to find out.

Blog promotion will always make you very active. If you have several blogs running that you need the maximum and the best rankings for, you may need to hire a self-employed employee to help you. Nonetheless ensure that you maintain beneficial articles. If you do not have helpful content, there is no motivation for your subscribers to revisit your weblog following their first visit. Keep writing decent articles as well. If it starts to go downward, you may notice that your reader status go downwards too and that can hurt your blog in the long run. Useful content is crucial.

Another crucial thing that a lot of blog owners do not consider when they are marketing their weblog is that it needs to be updated. Post content in your weblog regularly for the top results. Maybe once a day is good for you. Or maybe you are more contented with single post a week. Whichever it is, be consistent with it and know that it will pay off to maintain posting as you need to.

Just having a blog that covers whatever thing, or random topics is not at all times a wonderful idea. You need to pick a niche market. Coin collection is an example of a niche, make money on the internet is another one. You have to choose a specific niche in order to promote your weblog profitably.

For example, let’s say one day you published a blog article on the today's news, and day after it was on your current marital situation. You will not be able to keep a weblog subscribers posting off the wall things over and over. Learn your specialty and run with it. You can be an expert on that niche in your weblogging community. Visitors will visit to your weblog every day to discover what it is that the expert is going to reveal next. It actually does goes this manner.

Make sure that your blog theme stands out. You do not desire your weblog to appear and feel like everyone else’s, so make it different. Having your personal look is a big advantage in the blog promoting business. You will observe that most weblogs all look the same and you can have your own theme by just using HTML and tweaking the code to suit your liking. You are going to realize that this will really make a difference with your weblog and also your subscribers. Aim to obtain a design that is going to match the market that you are promoting in your blog. Doing so will make your make money online blog look even more professional.

Do you know SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are not familiar with SEO, you need to get that way and quickly. Making use of SEO methods will assist you to promote your weblog to the fullest degree possible. Optimizing your weblog posts and also the HTML will get you results that you will like. Studying everything that you can find on SEO will assist you enormously. You will find that there is so much more to blog promoting than only making a post on your weblog day after day.

RSS feeds can be essential to your blog promotion as well. If you don't have it yet, ensure that your weblog has the RSS feeds. Having these feeds will allow other webmasters to be able to link to your weblog. Having many links is a huge portion of blog marketing that you want to make use of as well. If visitors subscribe to your feeds they receive your posts right away and you get a backlink to your blog.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blogging What is it All About?

By Lilach Bullock

Everyone has heard about blogs and bloggers, but how much do you really know about blogging? Are you blogging at all? Do you know how to write an effective blog? Do you know the benefits blogs can bring to your marketing? Do you know the best places to post your blogs, or how often? There is so little known about such a common topic that could really benefit your business.

Why Should You Blog?
Blogging is a brilliant tool that should definitely be used as part of your online marketing strategy. Not only is it a great avenue for getting people connected to you, it is also a simple and effective way to direct them to your website. By posting frequently you also raise your online profile, which is great for public awareness of your company and your SEO. One of the most immediately enjoyable things about blogging, though, is getting people to comment and seeing discussions start. This again draws attention to the blog and back to your company, especially if you do it well and consistently.

What Should You Write About?
There are several elements involved in writing blogs, everywhere from topic and content to tone and style. Blogs are an excellent place to connect with people, so I always keep my casual and personable. I like to cover current events as well as professional and personal topics. By varying what you write about, you are virtually unrestricted with new topics. It also presents a well rounded blog site, and keeps your readers interested. If you only ever blogged about politics, only die hard political fans will remain interested in your posts. And do not shy away from controversial topics, they are great for starting conversation!

What Should a Blog Include?
Your blog should always include some thoughts by yourself, and usually that involves an opinion or a story or both. It is good to get people involved and get comments and discussions going. One of the best ways to do this is to have questions at the end, which either invite people to share or provoke them to action in some other way (like asking for advice). Keep a positive or humorous tone about it, nobody wants a downer. So if you have a negative story to share, like a horrible experience, be sure to put a twist on it so people can sympathise without getting depressed!

How Often Should You Post?
Some people only post once a week, other people post several times a day. The once a week people generally tend to be conservative business people who are afraid of flooding their site. The multiple times a day bloggers tend to be social bloggers. I prefer to be more in the middle of the road and post once a day. This keeps SEO up, gives my readers something to look forward to each day, and increases my online profile. You can post as often or as rarely as you like, but I would say a minimum of two to three times per week, and preferably every day. Every once in a while you could do two blogs in a day.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your Blog Design Can Motivate Your Reader to Take Action

New businesses, especially new on the Internet, have exploding growth using a blog because it opens doors to join venture opportunities and affiliate partnering with products of other people. Blogs also help establish relationships with other people in your field.

A great way to get your business blog to bring in paying results is to concentrate on its design. A primary purpose of the design of your blog is to make it easy for readers to find information. The second, and equally important purpose, is to lead readers to those links where they can take action. It may be downloading a free report or signing up for a new 4-week class on social networking.

Think about what you look for when you open a new blog. There are certain elements that are going to influence whether a visitor stays on the blog and reads the information or leaves the post. It only takes a few sentences for the visitor to make that decision and it is usually based on the look and the feel of the blog. No matter how important your information, visitors are not going to read anything unless the look of the blog impresses them enough as being worthwhile and targeted to them.

Most professionals and entrepreneurs do not have a clue about what to put on their blog and what not to include in the design. They also do not pay much attention to the layout. Design and layout are something you need to focus on when starting a blog because no one will stay and read anything on your blog if it is not appealing, clear and easy to use.

Keep in mind that blog design is about aesthetics and usability for the reader. The aesthetics aspect is about making your blog look visually attractive. It is also about using your branding and how comfortable it is for your reader to use your blog, find the information they want and enjoy using your content. It helps when you keeping in mind that one of the end results of a blog is to build trust with the readers,

Determining the focus of your blog helps you create the layout and the design. When you can easily identify why you are blogging, and what you want the blog to do for your business, you will be better able to work out the design. For instance, some professionals write blogs to get more clients. Their design tends more to solve the problems these clients may have. Another blog could end up as an eBook and its organization and layout may end up looking more like an outline. The point is blogs have different purposes.

Here are some parts to your blog that you need to consider:

The header of the blog, which may also be called the banner, includes the title or the name of your blog. The name of the blog should state the main purpose of the blog and give the readers an immediate sense of what they are going to learn.

The other thing that is found in the headline is the tagline. The tagline generally describes who the blog is for, what are the benefits of reading the blog, and who is the blog author. The key is that a blog is an informal and personal form of communication so people want to know the name of the author.

The next thing you want on your blog, especially for branding purposes, is to have a featured post, a signature post, or a page that is linked on your sidebar that explains what the blog is about and what is its purpose. This lets the reader immediately know what they are going to find out reading this blog. Then the reader can decide whether that topic is in their best interests and subscribe or not subscribe.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Build a Loyal Readership To Your Blog

By Peter King

With a normal website people can just simply read the content of your site. However with a blog people are able to interact with your content and they can explore and even make comments back to you. You want to get that sort of interactive spirit going, so you can create a loyal readership with your blog.

There are literally millions of blogs out there all vying for the attention of your audience, so it can be hard to grab people's attention when you're just getting started. So it's going to take some work and dedication to build up a loyal readership but it is certainly very possible, and even fun to put these things into place. So just follow these rules and you'll have the kind of repeat visitors and fans that really make blogging worthwhile.

Rule #1: You Need To Write Great Content
If your content is useless there is no way people are going to come back and read again! They'll just click away, never to return. However if you write great content you're sure to get some fans. Not everyone considers themselves to be a good writer but that’s OK! as no one expects you to have perfect grammar and spelling. What`s far more important is that you write interesting content that stands out from the crowd. Let people know your real thoughts and opinions on things that matter and you’ll soon attract like-minded people. If your content is good, not only will you have people who want to visit your blog all the time, but they will also link to you! You know that more linking means higher rankings in Google. That will expand your readership base to levels you couldn't even imagine when you started out.

Rule #2: Leave the Comments Facility Open
You probably will get some spam but people need to be able to comment, otherwise you're missing out on a big part of what being a blogger is all about. People don't just want a website they can read anymore, they want one where they can add their "2 cents" worth. So, leave your comments open and listen to them. People won’t always agree with you but it doesn't matter, you`ll get a much larger and interested following.

Rule #3: Guest Blogs
It’s very likely that there are some blogs out there that are very popular with the people in your niche and they probably get a lot of traffic and a lot of respect. So it's time to get your name and website out there in front of this audience! All you need to do is write to the owner of the blog and say that you'd like to write some guest posts. They will probably be more than happy to take a break from their own posting and to give you a link back to your blog. This will then not only give you link potential for the search engines, but you'll also win some of their loyal readers who are interested in what you have to say.

Learning how to build a loyal readership with your blog is incredibly important if you want your blog to thrive. It's all about making people aware of your blog and then giving them great content to react to.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Business Blogging - How To Always Have Fresh New Content For Your Blog

By Connie Ragen Green

Blogging has become one of the best ways to communicate with the people who are interested in your niche topic. A blog is a website that consists of posts, arranged in reverse chronological order. People can comment on your posts, and you can provide fresh new content on a regular basis.

When I first started blogging I made sure to post something new every single day. As time went on I slipped into only posting a few times each week, and my visitor count went down very quickly. In an effort to revive my blog I started holding blogging challenges, inviting others to also post every day for a month. At the end of the month I would then put their name and the name of their site in one of my posts, giving recognition to everyone involved.

There are so many ways to get ideas for what to post about. You can review books on your niche topic, and write about the author and the most important points made in their book. Many times those authors have A Google alert set up for their name and the name of their book, so they are likely to see what you have written and come over to comment on your blog post.

You can also get many good ideas for things to write about simply by reading other blogs on your topic. Just Google for your topic and you will see what else people are writing about. You may be amazed at how much information is actually available on your topic.

Additionally, you can also visit a site called Technorati, which is the largest blog directory in the world. You will be able to search this site by blog, or by blog post, in order to find out what others are saying. This will give you ideas for your own site. Make sure to include a link from your post back to theirs, so that others will know where you got your information.

Blogging is a way for your prospects to find out more about who you are and what you do. It is your home on the internet, so keeping it updated with fresh information is a way to let visitors see how you represent yourself online. They can also get a feel for what you know and how it can help them to achieve their goals. Blog regularly and you will see your business grow exponentially.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

9 Keys for Successful Business Blogging

By Seomul Evans

It seems that some business owners are reluctant to start business blogs for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid that they'll burn out and lose followers after working hard to get them. Others are afraid that they won't have anything to say. Still others are afraid that the time commitment will be too much to manage. If you're one of these people, stop making excuses and start blogging! Here are 9 keys for successful business blogging.

1. Have a Conversation
The point of a blog is not to lecture, nor is it to push your products and services. Instead, the point of a blog is informal, informational communication in which your readers can learn more about you, your products, and all that your business has to offer them. By engaging potential customers in conversation, you give them the opportunity to learn to trust you, which increases the likelihood that they will purchase your products or services. You don't have to be clever or cute, just honest and open.

2. Know Who's Reading
What kinds of conversations will interest your readers? You need to have this information before you even write your first blog post. It's hard to have a conversation with someone about whom you know nothing, so find out who's reading and what interests them.

3. Regularly Publish
People will stop visiting your blog if you stop publishing. And even if you start back up again, chances are they won't be following you anymore. So update your content regularly—once a week at the very least—and comment at least that often as well. You'll do yourself a favor by publishing daily if you can hack it.

4. Let Them Know Who You Are
People will be more willing to share information about themselves if they know who you are, so include an "About Me" page on your blog. You don't need to tell your whole life story, just a bit of personal background and a summary of your professional experiences.

5. Use Your Voice
Use the conversational style that's most natural for you. If you're naturally sarcastic and clever, throw a bit of that into your writing. But don't force humor if it's not natural for you. Readers want you to be transparent, and that means being true to yourself in your writing.

6. Engage Other Bloggers
Read other blogs and comment on them. This is a great way to keep up with what's going on in your industry and to get fresh content.

7. Don't Get Anyone in Trouble
While it's important for your blog to be conversational in style, it's also important for your blog to be professional. All of your posts should be professional and all of your comments should be professional. Never write something until you've thought through it first. Remember that you're not only representing yourself, but also your entire company.

8. Write Well
You're not in the running for the Nobel Prize for Literature, but you still want your writing to represent your company well within the blogosphere. Use correct grammar and spellcheck everything before you publish. Potential customers will never take you seriously if they perceive that you are unable to communicate in writing.

9. Follow Your Bliss
Don't force yourself to regularly write about things that don't interest you. Of course you'll occasionally need to stretch yourself by writing about industry trends that may not interest you all that much, but try to stick with topics that get you fired up. You need to learn how to convince others to take interest in your industry, your company, and your product, and the best way to do that is to write with passion and integrity.

Stop trying to think of reasons not to blog and just do it. Following these 9 keys will get you off on the right foot.

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Seomul Evans is a senior Search Engine Optimization Services expert specializing in Meta Search Engines and a SEO Blog contributor.