Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To Create Blog Readership?

Blogging is what you hear from many of us. But what it is and how it differs from normal website? The most common way that normal website differs from blog is a way the people ability to interact with blogs content. With static website, your readers read words on the page and go away but with blog, the ability of the readers to comment back their opinion will give some sort of interactive spirit between the blogger and its readers.

Making the readers express their opinion back in the form of comment is not that easy because there are millions of blogs over internet trying to grab the attention of the readers. In such situation, it has become more difficult to create loyal blog readership. If you are trying hard to create such, following these will help building readership to your blog.

The first and foremost thing any blogger must do while building blog readership is to post great content. If you have great content posted on your blog then there is no way how your readers will go back instead they come back again to get updated with new posts.

With great content I do not mean having good grammar and spelling instead write some interesting content that helps you stand out of the crowd. The best way to do is try answering the questions or problems that many online users have. To find out what online user are looking for visit forums and answer to those questions.

To make the readers more interactive, leave the comments open on the blog. The main reason why bloggers close the comments section of the blog is spam. Many spammers flood the comments section and it takes most of the time of the blogger to get rid of the spam comments. Don't worry there is solution to as there are many plugins that help the bloggers to get rid of spam comments. It is important to let the audience of the blog write back and speak their version that is related to your blog post.

Guest post is other way with which you can build readership to your blog. Guest blogging is posting on other blogs that already have lot of traffic and respect. With guest blogging you are letting the audience of the blog know about you and your website.

Go ahead and write to owner of the blog about your intention to write on their blog. They will be happy to give this opportunity to post on their blog and take a break from their in house posting job. Make sure to ask for link in the post that you wrote form their blog because it is the way through which their audience come to you and at the same time it will bring the link juice for the search engine rankings.

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