Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Right Time to be a Guest Blogger

By Guardian Angel

Guest blogging is another effective way to increase traffic. It opens a window for you to be recognized especially if you are still in the lower rank. It is also a proof that you can be good article maker. However, finding the right time to do it is quite hard because there are a lot of you waiting for the approval of site owners. Therefore, you must analyze yourself first, and here are some useful clues:

You can write well
This is the top requirement among them all. This is how you will be judge. Being very fluent in English is not really a must, but choosing the right words is very essential. Readers have a high expectation and you must attract the readers like the site owner does.

You are an analytical reader
You should put yourself in the shoes of site owners and their followers. Reading a lot can help you to learn the proper words to use, and can gain you a deeper knowledge about the topics you choose to write. It really helps if you are a wide reader.

You must be creative
You must also possess a creative writing capability, beyond how you usually write on your blog. You must be on a higher level of writing because the site owner will be spending a page just for you. He is looking for the uniqueness of a post. There is because there is more to loose for him, than for you.

Your posts attract comments
Besides being creative, having comments on your articles should also be your target. Remember that it is not your site that you are writing for. This time, the readers are different from your blog visitors. If you cannot attract comments on your blog, it is not yet time for you to be a guest blogger.

You must have a strong personality
This should be the first impression of the site owner, and it will be seen through your blog posts. You must maintain a good composure in every article that you make. It does not matter if you have been denied a couple of times. What matters is that you are getting stronger every time it happens.

Guest blogging is like applying for a job with a higher position. Therefore, you must convince everybody that you deserve it.

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