Thursday, May 15, 2008

Writing Articles - How To Write Good Articles For The Web

By Robert D. Thomson

Writing articles on the internet and expressing them to the web audience is gradually over-taking the conventional media. The influence of search engines has also changed the overall style of writing articles which are more optimized for the internet.

Writing articles is also the best tool to promote your blog or website. A majority of traffic that a web page receives depends on how well it's evaluated by search engines and presented in their results for a given search keyword.

Search engines are not humans so it is important that your article is optimized for both web audience and search engines like Google. We have outlined a few important things that one should follow when writing an article which you intend to publish on the internet.

1. Keyword density
It is important that your main keyword or the theme of the article is repeated multiple times, thus helping the search engine to know what exactly the article is about. For example if your article title is about the “Problems faced by the Cyclone victims of Burma". Just think, keeping such a long theme as your keyword is not practical, I would personally shorten it to just "Cyclone victims of Burma". Even further (in this context), the major keywords are clearly "Cyclone" and “Burma". You should try to repeat these two in your article body multiple times. Induce these words in such a manner so that the overall flow of reading the article is not disrupted.

2. Title of your article
Title should be attention grabbing and should include your keyword, for example "Cyclone victims of Burma - Cyclone problems and issues". You were smartly able to inject the word "Cyclone" twice, (which is your main keyword) in the subject line. Selecting a good title is the most important part of your article.

3. Article length
Your articles should always be greater than 300 words. There is no upper limit but usually articles between 500 to 800 words are easy to read by most people.

4. Keep interest of users
Break your article into topics and paragraphs. Add some interesting numbers if you can, bold the important sections and even use bullet points if you can. More than anything, your article should contain useful content and always try to provide correct information as much as possible. Use examples to explain your point wherever applicable.

5. Personal information
Never mention any personal information like phone number or email address in your article as spammers and telemarketers can get hold of it. But if you are somebody like a Travel Agent and want to receive calls then it may make sense to provide your contact details.

6. Even make money
You can run your own blog and put advertisements on the side. If you are not really tech/html savvy then there are several sites which invite users to submit articles on their site by filling simple forms and making money via Adsense.

7. Write articles frequently
By releasing articles frequently you may eventually make a loyal base of readers who will read your articles on a regular basis.

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Robert is an associate author for and likes to read and submit travel articles on the web.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blogging for Dollars: Making Your Blog Make You Money

By Peter Francis

Although anyone can make money online through blogging, creating an Internet business from a blog isn't a foolproof business opportunity. It's a home business like any other, and it requires you to put in the effort to make it successful. What's more, it helps to have a few tricks in your back pocket that can help better the chances that your blog will start earning you that extra money.

But all of the tricks in the world won't help you if you go into the blogging business with the wrong expectations. Be sure you are clear on a few things before you start. Once you get these things straight, there is virtually no limit to the income potential that blogging can offer. There are lots of different ways that blogging can earn you money.

First, it's important to realize that blogging is hard work. You have to have the stamina to stick it out past the first month or two. Too often people go into blogging, keyboard blazing, ready to watch the dollars roll in. Then, after a few months, they lose steam. To make blogging successful, you have to be willing to put in the hours to make it work.

Don't expect instant rewards, either. Blogging is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme, and don't believe anyone who tells you it is. The rewards of blogging will come after you've slogged it out in the trenches for a while, potentially many months. But once you do start to see rewards, it will all be worth the time you spent.

You should also realize that blogging involves more than just writing. Sure, blogging does involve, and in fact center on, writing, but you will have to also do a fair bit of social networking in order to make money. If no one knows your blog exists, no one is going to read it. If no one is reading, you won't see any money. With a little knowledge and a lot of guts, you can make social networking work to earn you and your blog a little face time with the world. The key is learning how to do this effectively. Remember, being a professional blogger means being part writer, part salesperson.

Even if you think you can't be "salesy" enough, you can be successful at earning money from a blog. You can either learn some basic sales skills or a partner can take care of the sales while you focus on creating content that will keep 'em coming back for more.

So the short answer is this: Yes, anyone can make money from a blog. Armed with the right attitude, a good measure of determination, and some tips and tricks, you can start seeing the money roll in from your blog. There is a lot of advice out there about how to turn a blog into a successful business opportunity. It can be overwhelming to try to sort through it all. But rest assured that there are resources that can help. Once you've taken the time to do a little research, you will be well equipped to start making money with your blog.

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Peter Francis is a business consultant, an author, and the founder of an online opportunity directory. Visit IncomeSrch at to preview opportunities in internet business, affiliate marketing, blogging, writing for cash, eBay, and working at home.

Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Fight Your Insecurities In Blogging

By Guardian Angel

You have been blogging for a year or more, but it seems your lady luck is not friendly to you. Your subscribers are very low no matter how nice your invitation is. Your traffic is far below from what you expected. You have been consuming a lot of time making good posts but no one seem to notice them. After all the social networks, forums and directories you joined in, only few are responding. And worst of all, you have been spending hard-earn money for your blog and the returns are frustrating. But before burying your blog six feet under the ground, here are some thoughts to ponder.

Rest but do not stop

Maybe you just need some rest. Maybe you spend too much time in thinking how to improve your blog, but your mind and body does not function well anymore. Remember, it is not a sin to rest for a while. Do not push yourself to the limit. Try to be away from your PC sometimes, go to a quiet place and relax. Do other things which are not related to blogging. But then, do not stop. When your mind is now at ease, go back and I am pretty sure that you will recover your self-confidence. If computers fail because you overuse it, what could happen to a tired human body and an exhausted mind?

Do not compare

Comparing yourself to a more successful blogger will obviously increase your insecurities. Instead, use him as an inspiration and learn from him. High caliber bloggers need the lower ranks too. If he will not help you, he is not also helping himself. You can always ask help from any blogger, but if he noticed you lack confidence he will assume that his help will not be effective. Readers are after what they can learn from us, and do not care on what we feel. Blogging is a race, but there is not only one winner. Even the last one on the line will be rewarded.

Hide your emotions

Showing your bothered emotions will be your biggest mistake. If your readers and other bloggers noticed that you feel low, they will avoid you unless they are your friends before you start blogging. This is because negative feeling is contagious and will affect others. It is nice to be humble and down-to-earth, but it is totally different from feeling self-pity. Show some pride to yourself and it will manifest in your posts. Readers are intelligent but they cannot see us. If your voice is low, then it will sound low. Bloggers should also be good actors.

Stay focus

Do not get distracted by the noisy crowd. Know what you want and what you can, then just blog it. After all, success in blogging has no time limit. Bloggers come and go and there is a space for all of us. If you will check the history of prominent bloggers, they did not come overnight. Even the highest paid blogger can fall down if he looses his focus. Blogging is an investment, and not an 8-hour work. Do not expect a salary at the end of the day. Maintenance is the second most important factor in blogging, next to planning. If you feel that blogging is for you, then it is for you.

Review yourself

Instead of crying over spilled milk, why not find another cow? Check yourself and the past activities you have done. Be patient in doing this and correct your mistakes if possible. Note that every blogger has his identity. If some things work for someone, it does not mean it will also work for you and vice versa. Internet is powerful and strategies are born everyday. You just need to discover what's best for you. Maybe you are not capable to join the flock, but you may be smart enough to create your own. There is always a Plan B, if it failed then try Plan C. I am sure you will make it before reaching Plan Z.

Insecurity is all about feelings, while blogging is all about thinking but with feelings.

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I am Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet and article marketing strategies, and making money on-line techniques, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at