Saturday, January 26, 2008

Useful Tips for Effective Directory Submission

By Guardian Angel

Submitting your site or blog to directories can help you a lot to earn more traffic, especially if you have the right keywords and useful contents. However, if you submit it the wrong way, chances are you will be just wasting your time. With this, you may want to check out these useful tips before doing such.

Browse each directory before submission. Read and understand the guidelines very carefully and follow them. Some directories require different length of description from the others. Use the keywords properly and not just to attract search engines. Remember that the directory editor who will approve your blog is also human like you, who get annoyed when something is not right.

Choosing the most appropriate category is very essential. If you think that you already found the right category, view the sites that are listed there. You must find the sites that have almost the same topic that your site has. If you submit your site to the wrong category, your site will be transferred to another category which is not that related to your site content and therefore it will be hard to search. If you cannot find the nearest category, you can make a suggestion to them.

Maximizing the content of your description is also important. Be sure it is readable and attractive to readers as well as to search engines. However, do not promote our site like you are the best among the best. Simply indicating what the readers can get from your site is more than enough.

Some directories will inform you through email whether your blog has been approved or not. But if the directory has not informed you after the lead time they promised, you can resubmit it to them. But after series of resubmission and you have not received any response from them, contact them immediately.

Avoid using the Reciprocal Link Required. Even if they tell you that it is the faster way. This is because too many links to outside sites will bring your down on search engines, as well if these links are irrelevant to your site. It is better if you used the paid or free submission and even if you choose the free submission it is worth the wait.

Automatic submission is obviously faster than manual submission. However, be cautious when doing it because it is not also healthy that all of your submission details are the same in all the directories you join in. Besides, submission software seldom accounts for the variables in the different directories.

Since directory submission is being handled by humans and software, think of it as serving two masters at the same time.

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I am a Filipino engineer who recently found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and interacting with humans rather than machines. Now, I love to learn more, share more, and earn more through Humane Blogging Tips.

Finding A Niche For Your Own Blog The Best Way

By Court

There are many people in the online world who have obtained a great interest in the trend of blogging and have started the creation of their own blogs. The creation of any type of blog can be quite an easy process, but the process of turning it into something successful and popular can be somewhat difficult and complicated. In order to turn a blog into a very popular web site, there are a number of different things that you need to do.

Before you even begin to create and design a blog, you need to first select what kind of a theme or topic your site is going to have. In the online business world, this theme or topic is often referred to as a niche, or in other words a specific category that your blog addresses and revolves around. Selecting a niche is important because it helps you to focus the blog posts and articles on one specific theme and attracts a particular target audience.

If a blog is too general and addresses hundreds of different audiences, then it will quickly lose the interest of potential visitors. Narrowing your choice down to one specific niche can be a difficult thing to do, but by following a few simple steps you can be successful in doing so. Here are a few suggestions on some things that will help you to effectively choose a niche for your blog.

Choose A Passion
No matter what type of niche that you choose, it has to be something that you are passionate about and are eager about learning more with regards to that particular area of interest. Choosing something that you love to learn about will make the process of regulating your blog much more enjoyable and it will also make your articles much more enjoyable to both read and write. Picking a niche that you absolutely love is a great first step to finalizing the overall theme of your blog.

Choose Something Familiar
Another important aspect about selecting a particular niche for your blog is the amount of knowledge that you have about a specific theme or area of interest. You should choose something that you are familiar with and that you have learned a lot about. If you select a niche that you have a lot of knowledge about then your articles will be much more informative and meaningful to the Internet visitors who read them.

Choose A Popular Theme
The next important step includes choosing a niche that will remain popular among people for the next several years. If you select a niche that is not exciting or interesting, then naturally people will not want to visit your blog and will go somewhere else to read about much more exciting things on the Internet. Before you finalize your choice of a particular niche for your blog, remember to do a little bit of research and find out what many people want to read about while visiting the Internet.

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