Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Build a Loyal Readership To Your Blog

By Peter King

With a normal website people can just simply read the content of your site. However with a blog people are able to interact with your content and they can explore and even make comments back to you. You want to get that sort of interactive spirit going, so you can create a loyal readership with your blog.

There are literally millions of blogs out there all vying for the attention of your audience, so it can be hard to grab people's attention when you're just getting started. So it's going to take some work and dedication to build up a loyal readership but it is certainly very possible, and even fun to put these things into place. So just follow these rules and you'll have the kind of repeat visitors and fans that really make blogging worthwhile.

Rule #1: You Need To Write Great Content
If your content is useless there is no way people are going to come back and read again! They'll just click away, never to return. However if you write great content you're sure to get some fans. Not everyone considers themselves to be a good writer but that’s OK! as no one expects you to have perfect grammar and spelling. What`s far more important is that you write interesting content that stands out from the crowd. Let people know your real thoughts and opinions on things that matter and you’ll soon attract like-minded people. If your content is good, not only will you have people who want to visit your blog all the time, but they will also link to you! You know that more linking means higher rankings in Google. That will expand your readership base to levels you couldn't even imagine when you started out.

Rule #2: Leave the Comments Facility Open
You probably will get some spam but people need to be able to comment, otherwise you're missing out on a big part of what being a blogger is all about. People don't just want a website they can read anymore, they want one where they can add their "2 cents" worth. So, leave your comments open and listen to them. People won’t always agree with you but it doesn't matter, you`ll get a much larger and interested following.

Rule #3: Guest Blogs
It’s very likely that there are some blogs out there that are very popular with the people in your niche and they probably get a lot of traffic and a lot of respect. So it's time to get your name and website out there in front of this audience! All you need to do is write to the owner of the blog and say that you'd like to write some guest posts. They will probably be more than happy to take a break from their own posting and to give you a link back to your blog. This will then not only give you link potential for the search engines, but you'll also win some of their loyal readers who are interested in what you have to say.

Learning how to build a loyal readership with your blog is incredibly important if you want your blog to thrive. It's all about making people aware of your blog and then giving them great content to react to.

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