Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Fight Your Insecurities In Blogging

By Guardian Angel

You have been blogging for a year or more, but it seems your lady luck is not friendly to you. Your subscribers are very low no matter how nice your invitation is. Your traffic is far below from what you expected. You have been consuming a lot of time making good posts but no one seem to notice them. After all the social networks, forums and directories you joined in, only few are responding. And worst of all, you have been spending hard-earn money for your blog and the returns are frustrating. But before burying your blog six feet under the ground, here are some thoughts to ponder.

Rest but do not stop

Maybe you just need some rest. Maybe you spend too much time in thinking how to improve your blog, but your mind and body does not function well anymore. Remember, it is not a sin to rest for a while. Do not push yourself to the limit. Try to be away from your PC sometimes, go to a quiet place and relax. Do other things which are not related to blogging. But then, do not stop. When your mind is now at ease, go back and I am pretty sure that you will recover your self-confidence. If computers fail because you overuse it, what could happen to a tired human body and an exhausted mind?

Do not compare

Comparing yourself to a more successful blogger will obviously increase your insecurities. Instead, use him as an inspiration and learn from him. High caliber bloggers need the lower ranks too. If he will not help you, he is not also helping himself. You can always ask help from any blogger, but if he noticed you lack confidence he will assume that his help will not be effective. Readers are after what they can learn from us, and do not care on what we feel. Blogging is a race, but there is not only one winner. Even the last one on the line will be rewarded.

Hide your emotions

Showing your bothered emotions will be your biggest mistake. If your readers and other bloggers noticed that you feel low, they will avoid you unless they are your friends before you start blogging. This is because negative feeling is contagious and will affect others. It is nice to be humble and down-to-earth, but it is totally different from feeling self-pity. Show some pride to yourself and it will manifest in your posts. Readers are intelligent but they cannot see us. If your voice is low, then it will sound low. Bloggers should also be good actors.

Stay focus

Do not get distracted by the noisy crowd. Know what you want and what you can, then just blog it. After all, success in blogging has no time limit. Bloggers come and go and there is a space for all of us. If you will check the history of prominent bloggers, they did not come overnight. Even the highest paid blogger can fall down if he looses his focus. Blogging is an investment, and not an 8-hour work. Do not expect a salary at the end of the day. Maintenance is the second most important factor in blogging, next to planning. If you feel that blogging is for you, then it is for you.

Review yourself

Instead of crying over spilled milk, why not find another cow? Check yourself and the past activities you have done. Be patient in doing this and correct your mistakes if possible. Note that every blogger has his identity. If some things work for someone, it does not mean it will also work for you and vice versa. Internet is powerful and strategies are born everyday. You just need to discover what's best for you. Maybe you are not capable to join the flock, but you may be smart enough to create your own. There is always a Plan B, if it failed then try Plan C. I am sure you will make it before reaching Plan Z.

Insecurity is all about feelings, while blogging is all about thinking but with feelings.

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