Friday, June 11, 2010

4 Ways to a Prosperous Blog

Blog writing can be an ideal way for you to turn your flair for writing into a source of income. However, simply having good writing skills won't make you a successful blogger. Some essential things you need to follow are:

1. Write Well:

Ensure that your blogs are not too preachy. Some people read blogs for fun and exciting content, whereas some others simply read them to learn other people's opinions on certain issues. First, decide on a topic or theme for your blogs.

Write it in a way that is easy to read and understand. Do not put morose or boring content in your blogs.

There are millions of other bloggers on the Internet vying for readers' attention. To have an edge over other bloggers, you'll need to post fresh, unique and interesting content on your blog. Update it regularly. If you're writing about any product or service, write your opinions instead of writing what others say. Avoid fluffing your content with unnecessary words or sentences. Don't include too much technical jargon in your blog, as it may confuse and disorient your readers.

2. Make Your Blog Post Scannable:

Blogs written in a good and neat format have more chances of attracting readers. Remember, your readers should understand the gist of your blog content by scanning through it just once. For this, you can include bullet points, quotes, numbered lists or pictures in your content.

No person likes reading lengthy stories on a blog. Hence, consider writing short paragraphs. Also, ensure to have good spacing between the lines.

3. Target Your Readers:

Based on the purpose of your blog, you can determine your target readers. For instance, if you wish to write blogs related to dating and relationships, your target readership will include both teenagers and adults. In such a case, it'll be better to have a blog design that is lively and colorful. Similarly, your blog needs to have a professional look if it is for business purposes.

4. Connect With Your Readers:

Unless you connect with your readers, the chances of your becoming a successful blogger are bleak. Hence, to ensure that your readers return to read your blogs, you need to build a good rapport with them. For this, you can ask your readers to give their feedback about your blogs. Don't hesitate to ask them for suggestions. This will make them feel that you truly value their feedback. These readers will later return to check whether you have followed their suggestions. This can help you gain loyal readership for your blogs.

Apart from these factors, you also need market your blogs effectively. For this, you can either seek the services of popular social networking web sites or post comments to other link-minded bloggers and then link your blog on it.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To Create Blog Readership?

Blogging is what you hear from many of us. But what it is and how it differs from normal website? The most common way that normal website differs from blog is a way the people ability to interact with blogs content. With static website, your readers read words on the page and go away but with blog, the ability of the readers to comment back their opinion will give some sort of interactive spirit between the blogger and its readers.

Making the readers express their opinion back in the form of comment is not that easy because there are millions of blogs over internet trying to grab the attention of the readers. In such situation, it has become more difficult to create loyal blog readership. If you are trying hard to create such, following these will help building readership to your blog.

The first and foremost thing any blogger must do while building blog readership is to post great content. If you have great content posted on your blog then there is no way how your readers will go back instead they come back again to get updated with new posts.

With great content I do not mean having good grammar and spelling instead write some interesting content that helps you stand out of the crowd. The best way to do is try answering the questions or problems that many online users have. To find out what online user are looking for visit forums and answer to those questions.

To make the readers more interactive, leave the comments open on the blog. The main reason why bloggers close the comments section of the blog is spam. Many spammers flood the comments section and it takes most of the time of the blogger to get rid of the spam comments. Don't worry there is solution to as there are many plugins that help the bloggers to get rid of spam comments. It is important to let the audience of the blog write back and speak their version that is related to your blog post.

Guest post is other way with which you can build readership to your blog. Guest blogging is posting on other blogs that already have lot of traffic and respect. With guest blogging you are letting the audience of the blog know about you and your website.

Go ahead and write to owner of the blog about your intention to write on their blog. They will be happy to give this opportunity to post on their blog and take a break from their in house posting job. Make sure to ask for link in the post that you wrote form their blog because it is the way through which their audience come to you and at the same time it will bring the link juice for the search engine rankings.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who's Behind Your Blog?

Blogging is a very personal experience. When people land in your blog, they want to know who's behind your blog. This should be easy for them to find out, but it's not the case all the time. Here are some tips to make sure your readers realize who writes at your blog:

Tip #1: Write in First Person Singular

There are lots of blogs that are unnecessarily written in a way like the representative of a huge corporation is talking to you. These days, even companies prefer to assign one person in charge of their blogs and the person writes the blog as if he/she is talking to you personally.

So, the solution is to write in first person singular like you are talking to your friend on a coffee table no matter what the topic is. This way, your readers will notice that there's one person communicating with them and feel a lot more comfortable to communicate to you through your blog.

Tip #2: Publish an About Page

Analyzing my blog, I've realized that many people click on my about page to find out who I am. Have you ever noticed that you arrive at a blog and look for such a page to discover who the blogger is? Yet, you cannot find it as it doesn't exist! You get somewhat disappointed as you need to know who's behind the blog.

The solution is very easy: publish an about page and write extensively about yourself. You can write about your professional background, personal interests, business vision, places you've been to, prizes you've won, awards you've been granted to, contracts you've made, etc. All this will indicated who you are and your readers get to know you on a more personal level. Therefore, they feel closer to you.

Tip #3: Publish Your Photo

Names are quite varied and internet doesn't belong to one nation. Although you're reading this in English, it doesn't essentially mean that the author is from an English speaking country. Sometimes, you don't even know if the name refers to a he or a she. So, photos can help here.

You can publish your photo at your about page, sidebar, header, footer, etc. Just make sure you have your photo published somewhere at your blog to make yourself known to your readers so that they know who you are, how you look like, etc.

Tip #4: Include Your Professional Profile

Apart from your personal information, your readers would like to know who is saying what's been said. In other words, you need to inform them who you professionally are. You can mention:

  • Where you are graduated from,
  • What degrees you hold,
  • Where you're a member of,
  • What your accomplished projects are,
  • Which corporations use your services,
  • How many of your products have been sold,
  • etc.
Once you introduce yourself by providing the essentials at the above tips, you feel certain that your audience knows your blog author and can identify and feel closer to him/her.

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How to Use Blogs to Be Inspired for Blog Writing

Do not get me wrong as I don't mean to copy other blogs' content. Reading content on other blogs can be very inspiring as they help you find out what to write at your next post. Here is how you can use other blogs as sources of inspiration for your content creation.

Take a Point and Develop It

Sometimes you read a blog and enjoy it as it introduces several different points. You may already know them all, but there is something so important about one of the points that you decide to write a post on it. Besides, in some cases, it could help you write more than one post about different points you read at one blog post.

Write from a Different Viewpoint

The beautiful thing about the blogs is the fact that sometimes you find several authors writing about the same topic while all of them are interesting to read. The reason is that every blogger writes from his/her own viewpoint and injects his/her character into the content.

This is exactly how you can start writing about the same topic from your own standpoint. Your readers will also like to know what your take will be on the hot issue of the day. So, they read and react if it is engaging or challenging enough.

For instance, if there is a huge earthquake happening somewhere in the world and bloggers start writing about it from various guilds and backgrounds, you can also express your views. There are so many different subjects in helping the victims, supplying food, water and medicine that you can read a couple of posts and write half a dozen of posts via your inspiration.

Write an Absolutely Different Subject

Sometimes the post you read reminds you of something that could be absolutely different. Yet, you begin to think of something in your own online community, blog, group, etc that could be interesting for other members too. So, you start writing about the topic emerged at your mind.

It has happened to me several times that I read about the economy of a country and the influence of foreign investment in their market, but it occurs to me to think of a certain way of income generating method online. You may ask why it has happened to me. Maybe because I've been thinking of helping the unemployed people by arranging some online opportunities for them. Whatever the reasons are the outcome matters more to us. We can start writing blog posts in the realm of our blog topics by reading other blogs.

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