Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Use Blogs to Be Inspired for Blog Writing

Do not get me wrong as I don't mean to copy other blogs' content. Reading content on other blogs can be very inspiring as they help you find out what to write at your next post. Here is how you can use other blogs as sources of inspiration for your content creation.

Take a Point and Develop It

Sometimes you read a blog and enjoy it as it introduces several different points. You may already know them all, but there is something so important about one of the points that you decide to write a post on it. Besides, in some cases, it could help you write more than one post about different points you read at one blog post.

Write from a Different Viewpoint

The beautiful thing about the blogs is the fact that sometimes you find several authors writing about the same topic while all of them are interesting to read. The reason is that every blogger writes from his/her own viewpoint and injects his/her character into the content.

This is exactly how you can start writing about the same topic from your own standpoint. Your readers will also like to know what your take will be on the hot issue of the day. So, they read and react if it is engaging or challenging enough.

For instance, if there is a huge earthquake happening somewhere in the world and bloggers start writing about it from various guilds and backgrounds, you can also express your views. There are so many different subjects in helping the victims, supplying food, water and medicine that you can read a couple of posts and write half a dozen of posts via your inspiration.

Write an Absolutely Different Subject

Sometimes the post you read reminds you of something that could be absolutely different. Yet, you begin to think of something in your own online community, blog, group, etc that could be interesting for other members too. So, you start writing about the topic emerged at your mind.

It has happened to me several times that I read about the economy of a country and the influence of foreign investment in their market, but it occurs to me to think of a certain way of income generating method online. You may ask why it has happened to me. Maybe because I've been thinking of helping the unemployed people by arranging some online opportunities for them. Whatever the reasons are the outcome matters more to us. We can start writing blog posts in the realm of our blog topics by reading other blogs.

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