Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who's Behind Your Blog?

Blogging is a very personal experience. When people land in your blog, they want to know who's behind your blog. This should be easy for them to find out, but it's not the case all the time. Here are some tips to make sure your readers realize who writes at your blog:

Tip #1: Write in First Person Singular

There are lots of blogs that are unnecessarily written in a way like the representative of a huge corporation is talking to you. These days, even companies prefer to assign one person in charge of their blogs and the person writes the blog as if he/she is talking to you personally.

So, the solution is to write in first person singular like you are talking to your friend on a coffee table no matter what the topic is. This way, your readers will notice that there's one person communicating with them and feel a lot more comfortable to communicate to you through your blog.

Tip #2: Publish an About Page

Analyzing my blog, I've realized that many people click on my about page to find out who I am. Have you ever noticed that you arrive at a blog and look for such a page to discover who the blogger is? Yet, you cannot find it as it doesn't exist! You get somewhat disappointed as you need to know who's behind the blog.

The solution is very easy: publish an about page and write extensively about yourself. You can write about your professional background, personal interests, business vision, places you've been to, prizes you've won, awards you've been granted to, contracts you've made, etc. All this will indicated who you are and your readers get to know you on a more personal level. Therefore, they feel closer to you.

Tip #3: Publish Your Photo

Names are quite varied and internet doesn't belong to one nation. Although you're reading this in English, it doesn't essentially mean that the author is from an English speaking country. Sometimes, you don't even know if the name refers to a he or a she. So, photos can help here.

You can publish your photo at your about page, sidebar, header, footer, etc. Just make sure you have your photo published somewhere at your blog to make yourself known to your readers so that they know who you are, how you look like, etc.

Tip #4: Include Your Professional Profile

Apart from your personal information, your readers would like to know who is saying what's been said. In other words, you need to inform them who you professionally are. You can mention:

  • Where you are graduated from,
  • What degrees you hold,
  • Where you're a member of,
  • What your accomplished projects are,
  • Which corporations use your services,
  • How many of your products have been sold,
  • etc.
Once you introduce yourself by providing the essentials at the above tips, you feel certain that your audience knows your blog author and can identify and feel closer to him/her.

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