Friday, September 26, 2008

Online Blogging Pays You Dollars

By Xshubhnisha

Do you have a Blog or Personal Online Journal? If the answer is yes, did you know that it’s possible to earn money from your Blog? I earn plenty from my own Blogspots – maybe not enough to think of retiring in the near future, but enough to allow me some extra luxuries in life and who knows how much I’ll be earning in a few years or even just a few months!

I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself. Best of all, I only spend a couple of hours each week writing on my blogspots – I spend several more hours researching information because I also love to learn and believe that no matter how much I think I know about a subject, there’s always new stuff to learn – I’m a bit of an information junkie!

If you already know plenty about a particular subject then it won’t take long at all to write a few paragraphs about it and have your blog up and running. Obviously, writing about what you love helps because, in the beginning, the money you earn is a bonus rather than an income that will allow you to give up your day job.

Search engines visit blogs so your site will probably get listed quickly – Google actually own, so if you want traffic this is a good site to start your blog on. It’s a good idea to also insert Google Adsense and even a Google Search box because you’ll also earn money when any of your visitors decide to click an ad or do a search – more bonus cash for little effort. Blogger also has a tool that you can use to notify all the search engines when you update your site.

Another way to make cash from your blog is to add a few affiliate links – find products that fit in with the theme of your blog, sign up as an affiliate, put a link on your blog and hopefully watch some more bonus cash roll in – again, it’s simple but effective! If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing then let me tell you right now that this is an extremely good earner. I usually get my affiliate at and So pay them a visit and get some links to get started.

Another way to get traffic to your blog is to ask visitors to sign up to your own newsletter and then send them a link each time you make a new post. Once a week is plenty, otherwise they may get fed up with you bombarding their inbox.

That’s about all there is to it – it’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to earn you a fairly decent income. If you have the time to spare then don’t stop at one blog because the more sites you have the more visitors you’ll get and the more money you’ll earn.

There are many people earning a very good living writing their blogs. The biggest tips are to find niche areas that not many others are promoting, get some affiliate links and some good quality content information. Remember to add Google Adsense and possibly a Google search box to your site and then just check your visitors and earnings each day.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Blog

By Jinger Jarrett

Marketing your blog is really no different from marketing a traditional website. With a blog though, especially if you are building all of your websites using blog software, your site tends to rank higher in the search engines.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. To help you get traffic easily, here are five ways to get started:

1. Submit your sitemap to the major search engines.

If you are linked to other sites, the major search engines will eventually find you and index your blog. Do you want to wait months for this to happen though? Go ahead and submit your sitemap so the search engines start indexing your site.

2. Ping your blog.

When you ping your blog, you are notifying the blog services that your blog has been updated. This can also help you to get your blog indexed by the search engines, as well as added to the major blog directories.

3. Use trackbacks to get your blog noticed.

A trackback is where you notify other blogs that you are talking about them. This is an easy way to start a "conversation", and if you write enough about the blogs in your industry, it will get you noticed.

Don't use this technique for the sake of getting noticed. Trackbacks actually kill two birds with one stone. First, it allows you to share valuable information from another blog with your readers. Second, it allows you to voice your opinion on a particular topic.

4. Comment on other blogs.

Some blogs have what is called the "no follow" tag. This means that even if you post your comment to the blog, the search engines won't give you credit for having a backlink on that site.

This doesn't mean that this is not an effective way to promote your blog. No disrespect to the search engines is intended. The truth is, search engines don't buy anything. People do.

Commenting on other blogs in your topic is an easy way to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic. Even if the site does use the "no follow" tag, if the blog you are commenting on is important to your topic, comment anyway.

Write good comments. Share your opinion. Demonstrate you have read the post. It will give you chance to get more traffic.

5. Build backlinks to your blog.

Backlinks are still an effective way to raise your rankings in the search engines. Find the right software or service to help you build backlinks to your website and raise your rankings.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Business And Blogging - Building Your Credibility With Your Business Blog

By Connie Ragen Green

Blogs have replaced websites as the best way to have visibility on the internet. I think of my blog as my home online. People find me by using my keywords when they are searching for information on my topic, or else they find my blog because I have commented on another blog, written something in a forum or in a social networking site, or given out my business card when I was speaking to a group.

The most important thing is that they now have a place on the internet to find out more about who I am and what I can do for them. I set up my blog in an organized way from the very beginning so that it would be easy for readers to quickly get what they need.

Having an opt-in box at the top of the blog is important in order to build your list. I ask for the person's first name and email address, and offer a free teleseminar in exchange for this information. This gives them the opportunity to hear me on a call and ask any questions they may have, and allows me to begin sending them regular email messages with tips, ideas, free reports, and information about upcoming courses I will be offering. This makes it a win-win situation for both of us. If they decide they are no longer interested, they can simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Categories are another feature on your blog that will help readers to find the information they are looking for. When I started my blog I created about 10 categories. These are the topics that I discuss in my blog posts. This number has now expanded to 32 categories, but it makes it very simple for someone to click on a particular category and see all of the posts I have made on that specific topic. You will want to think about your categories from the very beginning of creating your blog so that you can also benefit from the search engine optimization that goes along with having your keyword phrases listed on the first page of your blog.

It is also important to have a way for people to share your post with others through social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. You can set this up on your blog so that your readers can help you to be known on an even wider basis throughout the blogosphere.

Blogging is the very best way to get your message out to the world. You share your knowledge and expertise with your readers and promote your products and upcoming events in a conversational way. I encourage you to begin blogging in a serious way to build your online business.

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Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit to find out more.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business Blogging - Setting Up Your Blog To Maximize Your Results Online

By Connie Ragen Green

Organizing your blog and your blog posts will make a difference in how well you are perceived on the internet. By simply taking the time to plan, you can have a blog that represents you well and provides valuable and interesting content to your readers. Business blogging is serious business, so see it as an opportunity to present yourself and your topic in the best possible way. Here are some things to think about, whether you have been blogging for several years or are new to the blogosphere.

Think about the overall design of your blog when you are choosing the colors, graphics, and layout. Will it appeal to your target audience. People make decisions subconsciously when they arrive at your blog.

Categories - Choose the categories that you will write about very carefully. These words and phrases are keywords that will help your readers to find your blog when they are searching on the internet. Having the right categories will also make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for when they visit your site. They can simply click on the category name and read all of the posts you have made under that category.

Sidebar column - You will want to have two columns on your blog. The left column will contain all of your blog posts and the right column will be your sidebar. This is where you can add links to other sites, your categories will be listed, and your opt-in box will be in the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar. This configuration is best for search engine optimization and will make it easier to build your list by collecting the names and email addresses of your visitors.

Opt-in box - Be sure to offer a free report, eBook, or audio file in exchange for the person's contact information. This can be just a few pages long if it is in writing, or thirty minutes or less if it is an audio recording. This will also give you an additional opportunity to tell your new prospect more about yourself and what you do.

Picture - Include a picture of yourself so that people can begin to connect with you immediately when they reach your blog. A headshot, or one from the waist up is best so that people can see what you look like.

Title - Choose a title for your blog that tells people exactly what your blog is about. You will also want to have a tag line that includes your name, as well as a benefit your blog will provide to your readers.

Domain name - This name can be the same as your title, but it does not have to be. Choose a domain name that contains at least one of your keywords, is not too long, easy to spell, and easy to remember. This is not as easy as it sounds because so many domain names have already been taken. Your first choice should also be a dot com domain name, because people are so used to using that extension.

Social media - Becoming active in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites will make it much easier for you to attract readers to your blog. Spend your time on these sites wisely or will find that they take up a disproportionate number of hours each day.

Posting schedule - Make a schedule to post to your blog, and then stick with it. You may want to have one day to do book reviews and another to answer your readers questions. Post as often as you possibly can to make your blog content rich.

Using these ideas as a guide will help you to establish yourself online as a blogger of influence. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of building your online business through blogging.

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Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit to find out more.