Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Manage Multiple Blogs Effectively

By Guardian Angel

Managing a single blog will need your countless effort and focus. Not to mention that you may have other important things to attend to. But what if you decide to have more than one blog? Although you really want to blog about other things you are interested about, you are hesitant to do this because you think that you cannot make it. Being a multiple blog owner myself, I would like to share how I am doing this, and somehow they may also be applicable to you.

Promote them fairly
On each of your blogs, you can show to your readers that you have other blogs by placing their titles with a link on your sidebars. Once in a while, mention them in one of your articles if applicable. But never promote them directly unless it is related to your post. This will loose the appetite of your visitors and they will never visit again. However, it is not practical to include them in your e-mail or forum signature if you have more than five blogs.

Relate them to each other
If your blogs has totally different topics from each other, it is quite hard to promote them fairly. It will also take a longer time to submit to article and blog directories since they will fall in different categories. Having a common denominator among your blogs will make you easier to promote them. There are a lot of ways to do it if you will be creative enough.

Do not pressure yourself
If you rush your posts just to update your blogs, you may tend to make a useless post, which can easily be noticed by your readers. Remember that it is not necessary to post every day. Posting at least three times a week is more than enough to keep all your blogs alive. If you are relaxed, you can think a lot of wonderful ideas to make your posts attractive to readers.

Have a lot of useful resources
It takes a lot of time to make a good post; and multiplying that to the number of your blogs will be equal to very long hours if you do not have enough resources. Do not rely on your ideas alone. If you have a topic on your mind, using other articles as your reference will make it faster. However, just be sure that you will be making your own version and not just copying all the content.

Make a showcase
A showcase is like an article directory where you can put all the articles from different blogs. However, instead of placing in different categories, quote each post or put the first three sentences with a link to the original blog where the post came from. In this way, you are promoting all your blogs simultaneously.

You may not have to be always fair to all your blogs. But make it a point to be fair to your readers because it is your obligation to them.

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