Thursday, February 21, 2008

How To Convince Blog Owners That You Are A Good Guest Blogger

By Guardian Angel

After you have decided that you can be a good guest blogger, it is now time to find a blog where you can apply and submit a guest post. Although there are a lot of bloggers who want some guest bloggers for their blogs, you are a bit hesitant because you are afraid that your hard work might end up nothing. It is very disappointing to know that someone has rejected you which can make you loose your confidence. Chances are you will not apply again to avoid further humiliation. However, since it is your dream to become one, you must plan carefully just like any other activity. So before applying, here are some good points to be considered.

Prepare an advance post. Having the right post for guest blogging is different from your usual ones. It must be well crafted and refined carefully. Blog owners will not have time to correct your grammar and spelling. Besides preparing an original post specially made for guest blogging, it should also identify you as yourself and not as the blog owner you wish to join with. Take note that the blog owner might be visiting your blog before approving it. He does not want his readers to be dissatisfied with his guest bloggers.

Prepare your best sample posts. Before approval, most blog owners may ask samples of your quality posts to be submitted to him. They will be your passport or resume proving that you have the qualifications he needs as his guest blogger. Be sure that they are related to his blog and can attract readers just like your guest posts. The blog owner will therefore assume that if you can write quality posts for your blog, you can also write a better post for him.

Be familiar with each other. Leaving good comments to some of his posts may help you to introduce yourself prior to application. Although he may not reply on your comments, he can recognize you when you apply for guest blogging. This also means that you are familiar with him and you are really interested to join him and not for the sole purpose of promoting yourself. You do not have to be one of his subscribers, but by visiting his blog frequently, you can also have an idea what kind of guest post he likes.

Be humble. Remember that you are asking for a favor, so do not tell him that you are the best guest blogger he can ever find. Moreover, do not act like you are his big fan where in fact, it is just your second time to visit his blog. It is best that you will tell the truth about your ability and knowledge instead of being proud for the things that you really do not know. If you are not familiar with Wordpress, be humble to admit it. After all, if he is interested in you, he will guide you all the way.

Be enthusiastic. Show him how much happy you are to be featured in his blog. It can also boost your self-confidence as a guest blogger. If this is your first time, tell him how much honored you are to have his blog as your first experience. Make him feel comfortable so he may prioritize your offer other than someone else. Be sure you have time to check your mails regularly for his reply. If you reply late, he might think you are just fooling around and not really interested at all.

If after doing all of these and you still got rejected, do not pout because there is always a second chance. Consider it as a challenge to make the next one better.

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