Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Power Of Blogging

By: Daniel Trainor

Blogging has become extremely popular in today's virtual world. Blog is short for weblog, a word which was thought up by John Barger in 1997. Peter Merholz used the word weblog in his website later popularizing it further. Weblog is a combination of the words web and log which basically means noting or writing down entries in a sequential order. Now, the word blog has become a common word worldwide and is used in casual conversation all the time.

What are blogs? Blogs are often more personal in nature than most websites. A blog can be a personal journal which recounts events in a person's life on a daily basis. It can focus on specific topics that interest the blogger such as movies, food, music, sports, politics, news or business. Blogs can be composed of text entries, music, videos, photos and images as well as hyperlinks that lead to other blogs and web pages. The person who writes these entries is called a blogger.

Blogs usually include a way of interacting with the blogger, which generally means leaving comments about what you think of his/her blog. You can agree or disagree with the blog entries and you are free to express yourself in the comment box provided. Blogs are symbols of freedom of expression, and the blogger is open to both positive and negative criticism. If there is a particular blog you come across and like reading, you can bookmark it and come back to it regularly to see what else is posted on it.

Blogs are platforms through which people can champion a pet cause, share information, be part of a group which supports similar issues, and businesses can even use blogs to attract consumers and make money. Companies pay bloggers to write flattering reviews of their products, or pay them by posting banners or text ads on the blogs which connect to the company's website.

There are many websites which have ready-made templates for would be bloggers to design their blogs, such as Blogger, DreamHost, Xanga, Wordpress, and LiveJournal to name a few. These sites enable bloggers to post entries and upload media files more easily. These blog communities contain links which connect blogs to each other, so that people can find blogs of similar topics easily.

Blogs are becoming a very powerful tool for online businesses and it can give your business the opportunity to be found by millions of people all around the world. Since blogs are very search engine friendly, you have a better chance of getting ranked high on the major search engines compared to a regular website. Search engines love frequently updated quality content and a blog is the easiest way to do this as they are very user friendly. No knowledge of web design or HTML code is needed.

So go start a blog today and watch your online business grow.

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